The Rules of Surviving a Horror Film

MV5BMzk0OTMzMTc3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzY0NTMwNjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Before we dive into the new chapter of Scream, we should take a moment to remember the rules of a horror film.

In the first film, in order to survive you must never have sex, never drink or do drugs and never, ever, say you’ll be right back.

In the second film the stakes were higher. In a sequel the body count is bigger and the death scenes are more elaborate, with more blood and gore. Dewy cut Randy off in the film so we will never know what the rule is for making a franchise.

Randy may have died in Scream 2, but he left his legacy behind for Scream 3. Once again he was our tour guide, this time for a trilogy.

In a trilogy you go back to the beginning and discover something that was never true to begin with. The killer is also super human. You can’t stab him or shoot him, you have to decapitate him or blow him up. He told us that any one can die, but the main characters managed to survive this one. Lastly the past is about to come back to destroy you.

So for one last time, lets let Randy be our tour guide, because really, Randy tells us the rules the best:


In Scream 4 the killers had adapted the new technology into their killing spree. They were filming the murders. This film was working under the remake rules: the unexpected is the new cliche and the kills have to be way more extreme. And now the rules don’t even include how to survive, basically it’s almost impossible to survive. Charlie said you have to be gay to survive, but as Robbie was dying, he said he was gay. So clearly that isn’t true.

Let the film geeks tell you themselves:


The new chapter of Scream is embarking on new territory. It’s a TV show, so what sort of rules apply for a horror TV show?

For one the show will start out with the murder going viral on youtube. So the killer is taking a cue from Scream 4 and filming his murders.

Since it’s a remake and a TV show, will that mean more deaths? Will there have to be at least one death per episode? Will any of the rules from the original four movies apply? Or will the writers come up with new rules for the new platform?

It’s a whole new chapter in the franchise, because there is no Stab movies and previous murders. It’s starting from the beginning all over again in a new town. The nightmare is about to start in Lakewood, which has it’s own troubled past that’s going to be exposed.

Get ready for the Scream TV show, premiering Tuesday, June 29 at 10/9c pm on MTV:


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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