‘Supernatural’ Comic-Con: Cast Very Secretive About Season 11

Supernatural-season-9-promo-poster-e1382037785238It was a Supernatural reunion at San Diego Comic-Con. Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel/The Trickster) and Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund) moderated the panel and they got side tracked quite a bit. At one point the hamster was asking Mark Sheppard (Crowely) questions. 

According to Mark the hamster is the most talented actor that he’s worked with for ten seasons and wants to know if the hamster is coming back.

Do you remember the hamster? She was in charge of the coven that Rowena turned into a hamster.

Mark had a lot of fun during the panel and even told fans that his character is dead. He maintained that for most of the panel.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) said being dead doesn’t mean anything because he doesn’t know how many times he’s died now.

“It does to me. I don’t have a trailer anymore. I don’t have anywhere to park my car,” Mark said.

I guess since he’s being so tight lipped on his character, we’ll have to wait till season eleven to see if Crowley is alive or not. If you’re asking why bring Mark to Comic-Con if his character is dead, he said because he was going to go anyways.

Mark did get serious for a minute: “It’s been an amazing journey. I showed up as a guest star kissing a very tall man under a bridge and suddenly it’s like seven seasons later and it’s been the most fun journey I’ve have had. Even if I knew what was going to happen I wouldn’t damn well tell you because it’s so much fun.”

Supernatural has been going for ten years, but the boys have earned new fans with Netflix. Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) asked the crowd who started watching the show within the last year and the crowd screamed. Then he asked who started watching because of Netflix and there were even more screams.

Misha Collins (Castiel) mentioned how the boys have grown up with the fans. 

“Actually I kind of almost teared up watching that retrospective back there because it feels like I’ve only been doing this…” Misha said.

“He did. He was a mess,” Jensen interrupted.

“I was balling,” Misha said.

Misha said he’s one of the new kids and he started out initially being afraid of the fans, then he started to embrace them  and now he’s collaborating with fans.

Jared and Misha thanked the fans for being so great.

Misha and Jensen have such great chemistry on screen, but Misha is asked why he doesn’t have the same bond with Sam.

“The height difference between me and Jared is just too jarring,” Misha said.

When we left off Cass was giving Crowley a beat down and a very bad one at that. Which is why Mark keeps joking that he’s dead, or at least we hope he’s joking.

“I think I speak for the entire rest of the cast when I say opportunities to have fight scenes with Mark are really satisfying. Sometimes we convince the directors and the producers to let us shoot what we tell Mark are scenes but they are never intended to air. We just pound on him for al little bit while the cameras pretend to roll,” Misha said.

Jensen is actually directing the third episode of the season and Misha had a little story to tell about filming. He said that after a take Jensen gave him some direction. Then after another take he looked unsatisfied and gave him another note. After another take Jensen said, “I think I’m making it worse.”

“Evidently somebody sort of dropped the ball over the hiatus and forgot how to act, but thanks that was some of the best directing I’ve ever gotten,” Misha said


“After 10 seasons of playing these characters and knowing the story there’s an ease to having to direct the main cast which you really don’t have to unless it’s Misha, then you have to really kind of reign him in a bit. Jared knows his character so well, Mark knows his character so well, but Misha’s still working on it,” Jensen said.

“One of the things I like about directing is the challenge itself. Challenging myself, kind of think about the script in a different way and the whole right brain, left brain thing. So it’s fun and I’m enjoying it and I’m lucky to have such an amazing crew that picks me up if I’ve forgotten a few things. That’s a safety net in its own and it’s also amazing to have such talented people to work with and it also makes my job more fun as an actor,” Jensen added.

The Supernatural cast and crew is like one big family. They’ve seen kids grow up, people get married and have kids. They’ve seen divorces and deaths too.

“There’s no better feeling in the world then going to work and being embraced by the arms of your family and know that you have people there you can trust that are just smiling at you that makes your day better. We’re all in the same boat together,” Mark said.

“And then to come to places like this and be embraced by such loving…”

The crowd screamed before Jensen could  even finish his sentence.

Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark had a lot of fun on the panel and with fans, but they gave very a little away for the new season.

Supernatural writer Andrew Dabb said there is something really fun planned for episode four.

“That’s the fun about having such great fans like these, they’ll follow us anywhere. So we feel we have a lot of freedom to take the show in different ways, different places,” Andrew said.

Supernatural has done a lot of crazy things over the last ten seasons. It’s gotten meta, it’s done black and white and so many other things. Looks like we can look forward to more creative episodes in season eleven.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver confessed that fan favorites will be coming back, but in surprise ways, so he can’t give us more than that.

“This year we are going to back to a little bit more, I think an epic feel. The big bad and a real sort of a quest for the brothers…” Jeremy said and then Jared distracted him by slowly pretending to bite him.

“I’m just trying to tell them stuff man,” Jeremy continued.

Jeremy tried to continue, but the crowd was so quite he asked if they wanted to hear it.

“I’m putting myself to sleep here,” he said.

He went on to say it’s a pre-biblical story and the brothers are going to be really united.

When Jared was asked if he though they would beat the new big bad, he said: “Well I think we’ll beat it because we’re not the Loosechesters. Up top.” Jensen and Jared high fived.

“I was so proud of that,” Jared said.

“I’m so ashamed to be sitting next you,” Misha said while looking at Jared.

‘There’s a reason why Jared doesn’t have a long sit-com reel. He’s a one hour drama man,” Rob said.

Jared said his little joke again.

“I love sympathy comedy,” Misha said.

“That’s the only kind I’ve got. I’m excited to see the boys working together. We’ve seen them at odds and we’ve seen them working together and I’m happy to see them teaming up,” Jared said.

Jensen said they are left with the clean up after getting rid of the mark. They have to deal with their decision now.

One of the fans in the audience asked why Charlie was killed. That was a hard question for Jeremy to answer and the cast didn’t help him at all.

“It’s tough. Just because anytime you have a favorite character on a show,” Jeremy said.

“And that show is called Supernatural,” Jared added.

“People die on the show,” Jeremy added.

“It’s tough for me to answer. Just that she was an absolutely beloved character in the show, but we’re in the writers room and we have to go where the story takes us,” he said.

“I’d like to thank everyone up here for the support,” he said while the rest of the panel put there feet up and just left Jeremy to answer the question.

Felicia Day was only supposed to be in one episode and Jensen said we should be thankful for the time we got with her. 

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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