‘The Whispers’ Review: A Hollow Man Holds the Key

11148755_377162852474127_7018358459003991833_nI didn’t know how the writers could top the end of the last episode, but they did. We got a lot more background information about Drill this week and we got so close to finding out how to actually kill him, but Lena being a mother, had to shoot the guy to protect her daughter.

Not that I blame Lena. It think a lot of mothers would have done the same thing. But maybe she should have listened to her husband. Then again, he didn’t want to believe her when she told him Drill was still alive. Wes needs to work on his communication and trust issues with his women. It seems to keep getting them in trouble.

This isn’t the first time Drill’s kind has been to Earth. He visited us in 1982. We know for sure that he spoke to Thomas, who knows how many other kids he spoke to too. Even if Thomas is telling the truth that he killed the first Drill, he’s gone a little nuts now. But who could blame him. I mean Drill made him kill his own brother and then he was in a psychiatric hospital for ten years. That would make anyone crazy, but the fact that he knew Drill was real while everyone told him it was imaginary, couldn’t have been good for the psyche.

Sean told us last week that Drill wants to destroy us, but is that all? He clearly stopped Thomas’s father from doing something and now Claire and Sean are on the run and Wes has been stripped of his clearance. Drill communicates with the kids that have important parents and then he tears them down in one way or another.

What exactly has Drill done to get the loyalty from these kids? He got Henry’s dad back, but Henry still seems to be on his parents side, whereas Minx is on team Drill. And Minx seemed to know what her mother was doing. These kids are going to have some serious issues after being friends with Drill. Which we know for sure from seeing Thomas.

The Whispers is all new in two weeks. They have to save Thomas’s life so they can save their own lives.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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