Are You Having ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Withdrawals Yet?

59116026ad8a2f2e417e357a7d6fb66dIt’s only the first week without Pretty Little Liars and I’m already missing Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily. Are you?

When the liars return this winter they will be in a very different place in their lives and there will be a new mystery. The ABC Family drama as we know it, will be no more.

But we still have five and half seasons of the mystery of ‘A’ to enjoy and now’s the time to put all the clues together and see if CeCe fits in with everything. We didn’t even meet her till episode seven of season three.

We have plenty of time before the winter premiere to watch and re-watch season three to six to see if everything fits.

In the meantime here are five episodes to get started with and to help fill the void the liars have left us:

Over My Dead Body: Season 2 Episode, 12

‘A’ really stepped up her game in this episode. She made the girls believe that Dr. Sullivan was in danger and set them up to be in question over Alison’s murder.

What I loved about the episode was the snippets that we saw. We kept jumping back and forth in time to find out how the liars ended up covered in dirt and at the police station.

While this episode may have nothing to do with piecing together everything to follow CeCe as ‘A’, it’s a great place to start with binge watching PLL till we get brand new episodes this winter.



This is a Dark Ride: Season 3 Episode 12

Sure you can look for clues in this episode, but this is just a great episode. Since it doesn’t look like we are getting a Halloween special this year, just relive this great one!

This is one of the best PLL episodes of all time. You’ve got the great costumes, numerous ‘A’ clues, lots of suspense, boyfriend surprises and of course, Aria almost being pushed off the train!

Sure we want to re-examine all the clues that show CeCe is ‘A’, but we have months to gather the evidence. We should just enjoy some of the episodes too. It’s going to be a long drought before the girls are back!



Taking This One to the Grave: Season 5 Episode 12

I was absolutely shocked and devastated by this episode. I was so upset that Mona was dead and then I loved it even more when we found out Mona faked her death and ‘A’ had taken her. I also loved how Mona was actually working with the liars, even if it was short lived.

I just totally didn’t see this coming. I know a lot of people like to figure out what’s going to happen next, but I prefer when I’m surprised and this episode was the biggest surprise for me. I was so relieved when Mona was alive though.

This is a great episode and you can try to spot those clues that point to CeCe!



How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas: Season 5, Episode 13

In season five we didn’t get a Halloween episode, but we did get a nice Christmas episode! This episode is sure to be littered with ‘A’ clues, especially seeing as CeCe is in the episode.

But once again the girls are on the hunt for clues, but this time for ‘A’ being Alison. And of course there’s so much great fashion with the Ice Ball. And Ali has started an army of her own, people she poached from Mona’s army.

The episode has a pinch of Christmas cheer, sexy Santas, ‘A’ clues, suspense, danger and the last word from ‘A’: Merry Christmas, Bitches  – A.



Welcome to the Dollhouse: Season 5, Episode 25

This was one of the best episodes ever of PLL. ‘A’ was getting scarier and scarier and then she just took her dolls and started to play with them. After watching this season finale I thought, how can the show ever out do this finale? And if they can’t, the show should just come to end. Up to this point each finale has outdone the last. So far, still, so good, but now that we will have a new mystery, who knows.

We get up close and personal with ‘A’ in this episode. Is there anything in here that points to CeCe?


These are all great episodes to start with while we are waiting for PLL to come back. But you could just start from the beginning too. All episodes are on Netflix, so happy ‘A’ hunting!

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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