Here’s a Recap of Where the Characters of Nashville Left off in Season 3

So close! They can't deny their feelings anymore, they weren't even on stage.
So close! They can’t deny their feelings anymore, they weren’t even on stage.

It’s hard to forget the last moment of Nashville in the season finale, Caleb tells Rayna he has some bad news. All I could think of was, no it can’t be Deacon!

We still don’t know if Deacon flatlined or if it was Beverly. Is it horrible that I’m hoping it was Beverly?

That was the big cliffhanger of season three, but there was a lot of other things going down too.

Juliette was getting ready to go on tour with Luke, despite her postpartum depression. She totally lost it at the end of the season. She recorded her album in 36 hours and when Rayna, Bucky and Glenn were worried about her, she fired everyone and went to Jeff. Jeff then took her to Luke and he signed her.

Avery was desperately trying to reach his wife, but all Juliette cared about was her career. She threw a snow globe at the wall when Avery wouldn’t give her their daughter to hold, but she was in no condition to hold the baby.

We saw a little glimmer of hope for Scarlett and Gunnar at the end. She wrote a song about Deacon and Rayna and the two sang the song together, and almost kissed! Scarlett was even crying. There’s definitely still feelings there, but she’s about to move in with Caleb and he’s heading to Texas with Kiely. Maybe they will change their plans. We can only hope.

Teddy was having to answer for all of his mistakes. He wouldn’t build a case on Tandy and jeopardize Rayan’s business, so he’s being taken to prison. Teddy is seen on TV being arrested, but his girl’s miss this because they are hearing some very bad news. If Teddy being arrested wasn’t bad enough.

Jeff and Layla’s relationship has been rocky since the start and it continues to be shaky. Jeff cut her off from everything. He even gave himself power of attorney in the contract that he had her sign. Layla finally gets a message from Rayna being worried about her and starts seeing what is really being said about her.

She discovers that Jeff sent the tweet out at Jade’s party. His answer to all of this is that he just doesn’t want to lose her. Maybe it’s true. I could believe he doesn’t know how to be in a functional relationship.

There was one thing good that happened in this episode, Will finally came out. It was a roller coaster of a ride for him though. Luke was not happy at all when he found out. Will wanted to still maintain that he wasn’t gay and it didn’t help that his father was in town.

Will set up a press conference to set the record straight. Kevin said Will was not gay and Will was going to continue with the same story, but he changed his mind when he got on stage. He decided to tell the truth. His father was furious, but he was finally able to be himself and tell Kevin that he loves him. But Kevin never said it back!

That’s where all the characters left off in season three. Nashville will return Wednesday, September, 23 at 10/9c pm on ABC.

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