‘Nashville’ Review: Holding On

This kiss we were waiting for, but it ended before it really began.
This kiss we were waiting for, but it ended before it really began.

I have to start out with how relieved I am that Deacon survived! I was very nervous after the season finale and even with the poster with him on it, it was still nice to see that he recovered from the surgery.

It may be horrible to say, but I wasn’t too fussed about Beverly. I was just so happy that Deacon was okay. I did feel for Deacon and Scarlett. I hated seeing them hurting.

Beverly hasn’t done anything to make me feel sorry for her. All she’s done is make me hate her.

I was hoping for a little more Gunnar and Scarlett action from the preview. She can’t be moving in with Caleb and telling him she loves him, when she’s still totally in love with Gunnar. She belongs with Gunnar and we all know it. Gunnar knows it too. How long will it take Scarlett to figure this out?

They still make great music together and I’m so happy we got to hear them sing together. That was one of the things I was waiting for in this premiere.

Juliette is not doing so well. She’s even worse than when we left off. Rayna flew across country to help her and all Juliette could do was insult her. It’s no surprise that Luke doesn’t notice anything is wrong with her. Why would he? She’s never let him in and he’s not a woman.

Rayna tried and failed. Will Juliette have anyone else left to save her?

I don’t know if what Jeff and Layla have is love, but for most of last season I did liked them together. That doesn’t mean he still isn’t a horrible human being. He’s probably going to mess this up, but I really hope he tries to be a better man. Layla already got seriously hurt by Will, she doesn’t need to be hurt by another man.

Will really needs to man up. I’m not saying what he’s going through isn’t hard, but he’s got this hot, really understanding boyfriend, who’s really trying and Will just isn’t. Okay, maybe the club isn’t his scene, that’s okay. Just embrace who you are.

Will kissed Gunnar and Gunnar is still his best friend. Maybe he shouldn’t be too afraid. Of course there aren’t as many good guys like Gunnar out in the world, which is really a shame. I mean we all want a Gunnar in our lives.

Rayna’s label has really had a rocky start. Not her fault. She’s looking out for the artist and not the bottom line. She didn’t push Juliette back into the studio because she just had a baby and Rayna is a mother herself. Unfortunately, Juliette has some real issues she needs to work through but isn’t.

I’m so happy Hayden Panettiere has a way better storyline this year. I love her and I’m happy to see the writers are giving her more to work with this season.

I also really like Clare Bowen. While I love her and Gunnar, I’d love for her to have another great storyline just by herself this season too.

We felt a little of the after affects of Teddy being in jail this week. Maddie doesn’t want to read his letter or deal with him, while Daphne believes her father is innocent.

Could their be a Nashville wedding coming? Deacon said they were just waiting for Beverly to get better. While I really want this wedding, I think it should come near to the end of the show. This is one of the main couples of the show. You can’t get them together too fast.

I’m really excited to see Gunnar, Will and Avery living together. Of course Gunnar would let Avery and his daughter move in. I wish we had more Gunnars in the world

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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