‘Nashville’ Review: All Bad News

Juliette had a great new song tonight!
Juliette had a great new song this week!

I’m not surprised at all that Beverly is flat lining again. I had a feeling that was going to happen. I’m more upset for Scarlett and Deacon than I am for Beverly.

They were just starting to have a good relationship with her and now she’s torn away from them. Well at least it looks really gloomy for her.

I’m so loving Juliette’s storyline so far this season. Yeah it sucks how she’s treating Avery, but I’m enjoying watching it.

I thought that when she teared up that she was finally actually feeling something and maybe she was. But I think she got really scared when Avery said he was going to join her on tour. Postpartum-depression is not something to take lightly. This is out of her control. I don’t know that much about it, just what I’ve read. It’s nice to see it unfold on screen and shed light on something many women suffer from.

Basically Juliette and Jeff teamed up to trick Avery into being seen with her and it worked so well. But then she went right back on the road and got a new phone and number. How horrible is that?

It’s really sad that she’s going through this because when she comes through it her husband and baby will be gone.

I think Rayna needs to explain to Layla what she’s doing. Rayna is not dismissing her, she’s just trying to make sure there is still a label for her to be at. I get why Rayna has other priorities at the moment. But they still lined up a great gig for her at the Blue Bird. That’s what’s important. Not them being there for her. I think Layla should sign with Glenn. Jeff doesn’t always have her best interests at heart and I think Glenn would be a better match for her.

Rayna is only struggling now because of Juliette. Juliette had a breakdown and jumped ship. I think most artists would appreciate being given the time with their new born baby. Of course Juliette is going through some issues and didn’t see what Rayna was doing. But I blame Juliette for all the turmoil Rayna is going through.

Not that I was ever a fan of Caleb, but now I really hate him. Gunnar and Scarlett really have a chance to make it big and he should be supporting her, not dismissing her dreams. Gunnar is right, Caleb is not the man for her.

Another exciting and drama filled episode of Nashville.


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