‘Nashville’ Review: Saying Goodbye and Letting Go

nashville-season-4-posterNashville is sending us on an emotional roller coast this season. Was there even a scene that didn’t involve crying this week?

I’m broken hearted for Scarlett and Deacon, but I’m not at all upset that Beverly is gone. I hated her. I absolutely hated her. She was horrible to both her daughter and brother. And she would have made it her mission to break Rayna and Deacon up.

Not that things won’t get rocky for Rayna and Deacon. He’s shutting her out. He’s shutting both Rayna and Scarlett out.

He’s mad and Scarlett and I hope this doesn’t ruin the incredible bond the two of them have. But unfortunately, I don’t see Deacon forgiving her anytime soon.

As for Rayna, he should lean on her. That’s what she’s there for and her girls don’t need to lose yet another dad.

Teddy is finally taking responsibility for his actions. We thought he was before, but he pled not guilty, when clearly he’s very guilty. His girls did not want to believe he was capable of doing something like this. But the truth was for their own good. They can’t go around getting into fights defending their father. That just makes them look like fools. They needed to know the truth.

Every week the writers give us a little hope for Gunnar and Scarlett. This week it was when Scarlett needed him the most. Will they just get back together already?

Pain always brings out beautiful music and it did for Scarlett. We got some amazing heartbreaking scenes from Clare Bowen and some great new music from Scarlett. That’s a recipe for a great episode.

One couple that doesn’t look like it has much hope is Juliette and Avery. She’s MIA and she doesn’t want Avery to know where she is. She’s drinking and getting drunk day and night.

Luke tried to talk some sense into her. He didn’t want her to make the same mistakes, but it looks like she’s going to make them.

She was so close to calling Avery, but then a girl walked in and brought her more alcohol, so she went back over to the dark side. It doesn’t look like Juliette will be patching things up for her family anytime soon.

She better hurry up, because Avery won’t be waiting around much longer. He has the divorce papers and he almost signed them He still loves Juliette, so he’s holding out one last shred of hope that she’ll come back. I’m hoping right along with him.

Will is really struggling, but that’s because his greatest fear came true: not being able to make music because he’s gay. We know that’s not totally true. He still has great music and fans, so he can get back out there again, but he needs time right now. I still think he should go to Rayna. I think he should have signed with Rayna to begin with.

Rayna would have never dropped him from her label because he’s gay. She just would have rebranded him.

Another emotional episode of Nashville. It looks like season four will be the most emotional yet.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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