‘Nashville’ Review: Falling

nashville-season-4-posterI know we’ve all had our issues with Jeff, but don’t kill him off.

There are actually moments I like Jeff. Those are the moments that he’s being good with Layla. And he was at his best when he asked her to move in with him. Now all of that will be for nothing.

Jeff said some mean things to Juliette and she only half deserved them. But in the end he came through and he saved Juliette’s life. I hope that will be enough for Juliette to help herself.

Luke had no idea what he was signing up for. Jeff and Luke just brushed everything under the rug, but that’s exactly what Juliette wanted. When Rayna was trying to be sensitive to her having a newborn baby, that’s not what she wanted.

Everyone had pretty much written Juliette off, but for some reason Jeff had to walk over and see if she was okay or maybe he was trying to avoid another complication. Either way, he was there when she needed someone the most.

We may never have liked Beverly, but the writers, Scarlett and Deacon gave her a nice tribute. Scarlett sang the song her mother closes out her shows with and Deacon wants to open a bar called The Beverly. It was all really nice to honor Beverly. But hopefully we can get back to hearing Scarlett and Gunnar sing together and maybe have them getting back on the road to getting back together.

At the moment, Gunnar is having some fun and he doesn’t understand it. He’s a relationship man. It was really funny watching him twist and turn over a one night stand. He doesn’t know how to let it be exactly what it was, fun.

I was so happy to see Will back on stage, but it ended as quick as it began. He doesn’t know how to be the artist he was. I think he needs to just get up there and sing and the music will help him get back there.

He’s struggling over this so much that he’s lost Kevin. I hope Will comes to his senses and gets his man back.

Marcus is definitely high maintenance. No wonder he’s having issues, but leave it to Rayna and Maddie to break through.

Rayna had a lot of great speeches this week. Her speech to Marcus was great, but it was also great listening her talk to Daphne. It’s sad to see her lose touch with the music she loves. She’s so lost after losing all faith in her dad. She doesn’t know where she belongs anymore and she’s listening to the haters. It breaks my heart to see Daphne in pain.

Rayna was on a roll until she talked to Maddie. Maddie is definitely a teenager. Through this episode I was just waiting for Luke of Rayna to find out what their children did. What will Rayna do when she finds out?

In two week Nashville is back and Jeff’s death is being covered up. Plus Scarlett goes and cuts her beautiful hair!


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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