‘Gotham’ Review: Mommy’s Little Monster Falls

Gotham_sc13_thumbI thought Oswald was as far down as he could go, but I was wrong.

I knew that Oswald was walking into a trap, but it didn’t matter, he had to rescue his mother. This must be how Penguin becomes the legendary villain we know him as. Everything he cared about had to be taken away first, and now he will rise again.

But not before Gordon figures out how to take down Theo.

It was heartbreaking to watch Oswald’s mother die in his arms. I knew it was a trap, but I didn’t see Theo killing his mother. Theo is much worse than I imagined, because there was no reason to kill the woman. He owned Oswald, but he never wanted to own him, he wanted to be done with him.

It was also heartbreaking to watch him try to kill Theo with Gordon in the middle. Gordon was in a very bad situation. He wasn’t going to kill Oswald for lashing out because Theo killed his mother, but he couldn’t just let him kill Theo either.

gotham_sc29_thumbIf only Gordon had caught on earlier, a lot of blood shed could have been saved. He can’t beat himself up about it, Theo fooled everyone. Gordon went with his gut and then looked at the events and he figured out what Theo was doing, unfortunately, not all of it.

There’s still one piece of the puzzle that Penguin hinted at. It has to do with someone he cares about, Bruce. I really hope Gordon puts the pieces together quickly, I don’t want to see Bruce get hurt, of course, everything that is happening now, creates the legendary people that we know. So this may be something Bruce has to go through.

If only Bruce would listen to what Alfred said about distractions. He’s so distracted by a girl and Selina didn’t help the situation. I was glad to see that Selina wasn’t completely gone, yet, in this episode, but it looks like her friendship is over with Bruce. All because of a manipulative girl.  I would say this girl is too young to be a manipulative girl, but Selina is quite good at holding her own, even faced with Alfred after he slapped her. Bruce is the one that has a lot of growing up to do.

Gotham-ep207_scn10_2741_thumbTheo’s plan is coming together perfectly and I’m not sure how Gordon can defeat his biggest monster yet. Gordon even helped his new enemy take over the city. That’s ten times worse than just letting Oswald live.

We finally got a lot of Ed. It was awful watching him accidentally kill Kristen and then was completely broken up about it. This week his split personality was back and leaving him riddles. It was a scavenger hunt to find his dead girlfriend’s body.

If there was ever any hope of keeping the sweet Nygma, it died with Kristen. She was the only thing holding his split personality at bay and now he’s taken over. The Riddler is here.

Ed has now killed two people, what’s his next move? I think he may be able to stay in the shadows for a while. Gordon has a bigger enemy to tackle.

On a happy note, Lee gave Gordon a key to her place! Unfortunately, this happiness won’t last for long. Barbara is back next week, and she’s out to kill Gordon.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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