‘Gotham’ Review: Penguin and Riddler a Perfect Match


This was one of the best episodes of Gotham for me because it had Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor working together. 

I love these two and I got so excited last season when they had that brief meeting at the GCPD. Now these two got an entire episode together and Ed Gotham_sc17_thumbbrought the Penguin back to life. Could Penguin bring the Riddler to life?

Oswald was ready to give up and leave Gotham forever, but Ed brought the villain in him back out.

I thought that Oswald losing his mother might be the thing he needed to become the legendary villain we know him as, and I may have been right. Ed said that a man with nothing to love is a man that can’t be bargained or betrayed. So this is the true rise of Penguin. He’s going to come back better than ever.

This show has two complete opposite sides. One the one side it has the rise of the legendary villains and we root for these villains. On the other side it has the rise of Gordon. Two polar opposites that have you rooting for both of them, even if they are fighting against each other.

Gordon is one tough cop. He had many assassins trying to kill him and he took out every single one of them. He may have made a mistake not killing the last guy though. If Lee hadn’t of called him, he probably would have taken Flamingo out.

On the one hand, he didn’t cross that line and his soul is intact, but on the other hand, that guy was always going to kill again. That’s a hard choice to make. One that Jim will now have to live with.

I think Gordon made the right call. It’s sad that one of his own was killed, but he needs to keep his soul intact on this journey. He can’t become one of the villains. Gotham has a way of bringing out the darkness in everyone and he has to fight it.

Bruce, like all teens, is in a hurry to become a grown up. He wants to revenge his parents, but he doesn’t have the skill to do it yet. Rebelling against Alfred is not going to do him any good. He should listen to Alfred. He could get himself killed at this point, especially since there are an old society just arriving to town to kill him.

I do enjoy watching this struggle Bruce is having. It’s all apart of him becoming the man he needs to be.

I still don’t know how I feel about this old brotherhood coming to town. They are certainly deadly and will cause problems for Gotham and Gordon. Not that Gotham doesn’t have enough problems to begin with.

We won’t have to wait long to see exactly what Theo has planned for Gotham. It’s going down next week.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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