‘Supergirl’ Review: You Really Can Have it All

107022_WB_0654bOne thing Supergirl really does well is talk to the inner Supergirl in all of us. We all want to have it all. We want the career, the social life, the relationship, one day the family and we want to be helpful too. As we can see it’s no easy task to having it all, but Cat Grant is pulling it off and she’s giving us motivation every week.

Kara isn’t perfect, but she comes really close. I think this show is at its best when the writers are showing her imperfections. None of us are perfect and we don’t want to watch someone be perfect all the time. That can get annoying.

On the outside Cat may seem like the most perfect person on this show. If it wasn’t for her amazing monologues, she would probably get annoying. As we’ve seen in the last two episodes though, Cat isn’t perfect. Her character is getting more depth to it and I love it.

I’ve been complaining each week about stronger male characters and the writers have finally given me one. Maxwell Lord has a lot of depth to him. He’s trying to save the city his way and he’s fascinated with Supergirl. He’s determined to find out who she is, even if that means putting people in danger. Is he friend or foe? That’s unclear and that’s probably why I like him.

107022_WB_0394bcWe got to see more depth in James this week, but if you are shipping James and Kare, you were probably just annoyed. Who really wants to see him with Lucy Lane?

Maybe he needs to let the relationship fizzle out before he can really be with Kara. As we saw last week, even in the relationship, James still wants to call Kara and check in on her.

This episode was a lot of fun for Winn. We got to see him trying to pick up Kara’s slack. He’s really become Supergirl’s assistant. He kind of reminds me of Xander. Buffy for the most part over looked Xander and Kara seems to be overlooking Winn. I ship James and Kara, but Kara and Winn would be really cute together.

Hank is an extremely mysterious character. We already assumed that he’s an alien, but we don’t know from what plant. We also know that he had something to do with Alex’s dads death or at least her dad died working for the DEO. It’s unclear whether he’s on their side or if he has another agenda.

This show has a lot of potential and as we develop more of the characters, I think the show will be successful.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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