‘Scream Queens’ Review: A Frenemiesgiving

SQ_110_sc41pt0554R_thumbWhat better way to discuss possible suspects than at Friendsgiving?

We got some interesting suspects this week: Grace, Dean Munsch, Chanel #3 and Wes.

Sadly Dean Munsch isn’t the killer, which was my dream. But I was very happy to see Jamie Lee Curtis this week. That was a nice early Thanksgiving treat for me. If she has to die on this show, it better be epic, but I really want her to live.

I’m not sure what was more awkward, Wes suspecting his daughter as the killer and just wanting to talk through it and prove himself wrong. Or Peter blaming his girlfriend’s father. I guess Thanksgiving is made for awkward encounters, so no better time to have this discussion.

The biggest twist of the night was when Pete announced that Boone was Grace’s brother. Now that makes Grace a prime suspect, since we know that the last Red Devil is Boone’s sister. It doesn’t appear that Grace is the killer though or at least the writers don’t want us to think she is at this point.

SQ_110-CA_sc__0437R_thumbWhoever is the last Red Devil, they have to know Zeyday. Boone asked how Zeyday was doing. So that doesn’t completely put Grace out of the mix, since she’s in the house. Everyone is still basically a suspect.

Wes is definitely¬†out though. He may be an idiot, but he’s not a killer.

There were two things that happened in this episode that weren’t really surprises. First, that Hester is alive. This is the week of characters coming back to life afterall.

Leave it to Hester to survive and continue with her plan. She isn’t even pregnant and she still went through with it.

Gigi dying wasn’t a surprise either. I kind of saw it coming, but then forgot about that scene when the Red Devil was holding the saw after everything that had happened. It’s funny, now they might think she was never connected and she was right in the middle of it.

How awesome were the Radwells? I think any family that has Chad Michael Murray is going to be awesome. We can now see why Chad is how he is.

SQ_110_sc50pt0882R_thumbMr. Radwell tried to pay off Chanel, but of course we all know that’s she’s stupid, filthy rich. He was right about one thing though, she’s desperate, but not desperate for money. She’s desperate for love.

She had that great speech where she walked out on Chad and his family and called Hester her sister. Not long later she took Chad back and he didn’t even come back for her, just the turkey.

Every time she leaves him and we think, you go girl, she just takes him back. I think we should give up now. The only thing splitting these two up is death, which could still happen.

The Kappa’s awkward and finger pointing Thanksgiving was live tweeted by Zeyday. I think a lot of people would want to be in on discussing their theories, especially from the house at the center of it all. Now if only we could see all of of her tweets. Is anyone going to be live tweeting their Friendsgiving after that?

Only two episodes left, which can only mean one thing: there’s a lot of deaths coming our way.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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