10 Things We Learned from the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Special

the girls are backThe liars and the world we fell in love with have changed. Hanna is no longer with Caleb, Toby is no longer with Spencer, Ezra hasn’t found his way back to Aria yet and Emily has lost her way. That’s not even half of the changes that have gone on in the five years since the liars defeated A.

The liars, Ashely Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and  Troian Bellisario sat down with creator  I. Marlene King to discuss what season 6B will look like. The guys, Tyler Blackburn, Keegan Allen and Ian Harding also sat down with Marlene to discuss what their characters have been up to. The mothers got to weigh in on what they think happened to their characters. We also got to hear from set designers and costume, hair and make-up designers on all the changes of the five years forward. 

One thing is for sure, we are not dealing with the same ‘A’ anymore. This time around it’s very “dark and twisted,” filled with paranoia, blackmail and is life threatening.

To be fair, from time to time Mona and Charlotte did put the girls’ lives in danger.

Not only did we learn a lot about what’s coming our way, we also got to see two never before scenes. The first was right after the girls left Rosewood when Jason and Ali were reunited with their sister.

The second scene had the lovely Janel Parrish. Mona confronted Ali about Charlotte. Mona is terrified of Charlotte still and wants to make sure she won’t do anything to ruin her new life. We may not have gotten to hear from Janel herself, but we got a great scene to get us really excited for the return of Mona. 

We are less than two months out now from the winter premiere and a whole lot of new secrets. Some secrets were revealed on the special. Here are ten things we learned from the liars:

1. The theme song that you sing and makes you think of Pretty Little Liars when you hear it, was actually discovered by Ashley. She found the theme song in the dark of the night while shooting the pilot.

2. The place that surly haunts the liar’ dreams and maybe even your own was turned turned into a hotel. Radley doesn’t look anything like it did.

3. The fashion you fell in love with is about to change. A new costume designer was added to the show. The girls’ styles are different in 6B, but the essence of their style is still there. Aria and Hanna have less make-up, Spencer has a classic look and Emily’s make-up is darker. All the girls also wanted less and smaller jewelry. There are not drastic changes, but the girls are grown up and their styles reflects that.

4. Alison doesn’t have the best track record for boyfriends. In season 6B she’s dating Charlotte’s doctor. She seems to have a knack for picking the guys she shouldn’t be with, but this allows her to slip back into the secrets and lies.

5. Toby and Caleb were always friends, but it appears that in season 6B there’s a real bromance going on. I guess if we can’t have our favorite couples together, we can at least have a great bromance.

6. We already saw in the preview that Haleb was no longer together and you may have also heard that Hanna was engaged, but in the special we find out why Haleb fell apart. Hanna got into fashion, as we know, and has been traveling the world. This is ultimately what broke them up, but we’re still all holding out hope that Haleb is the end game.

7. We know that Aria and Ezra went their separate ways, but it still stings to hear that Aria is in love with a guy named Liam. These poor boys are entering the show with us already hating them.

8. One of the most heartbreaking reveals of the night was that Emily’s dad died. This has a profound affect on Em.

9. Of them men Ezra has had the most eventful five years and carries the most emotional baggage. When we left him he was following Nicole for Habitat Humanity and he really wanted to do good, but it’s ripped away from him violently. He finds himself in a “sea of alcohol,” Ian said. He’s very broken.

10. This time around Emily has the biggest secret and the biggest baggage. This may have been one of the biggest reveals, but we also got so little on our girl Emily. On a happier note, it sounds like her and Paige were reunited, but something tells me that had another bad ending.

The cast describe the season in one word:

“Classy, juicy, desperate, spooky, edgier, dangerous, sadder, badder and sexier.”

Ashely Benson –

“Six B is going to be scary as hell.”

Keegan Allen –

“And unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

Sasha Pieterse –

“The fans are just going to fall in love with it.”

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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