‘Gotham’ Fall Finale Brings Gordon and Penguin Bromance

bromanceThere’s a lot to get excited for in the fall finale of Gotham, but what I’m most excited for is Jim and Oswald teaming up.

When the season started I felt a reluctant bromance brewing and now I get to see that come to life. It may only be for one episode, but it’s a great early Christmas present.

When I saw that the writers were inserting a bromance between these two characters I got very, very excited. I hoped they would expand on it, but sadly these characters had different paths to take. Now the writers are expanding on that bromance and right in time to defeat a common enemy.

Oswald’s mother was murdered by Theo and Jim was fooled by him, so I really want to see both characters get their revenge.

Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor have such great chemistry onscreen and despite Penguin being everything Jim hates, the two seem to team up quite a lot. 

It’s their chemistry that makes them so great and why I can’t get enough of them doing scenes together.

For some reason Oswald likes Jim. He feels like they are friends and is happy to do favors for each other, occasionally with nothing in return. Jim doesn’t really feel the same way, but there is definitely a bond between them. I think if Gordon had to take Penguin out, it wouldn’t be so easy, which is lucky for us, because he becomes the legendary villain we know him as.

Next week they have a common enemy and it’s only natural that they team up to defeat him. When your enemy has weaseled his way into the mayor seat, the law kind of goes out the window.

Gordon has been pretty bad ass this season, so there’s no telling what we will see him do when Penguin is by his side.

Jim is having difficulty knowing what’s right and wrong. Lee and I both agree that sparing the suspect was the right call, but Gordon thinks if he had killed him, an officer’s life would have been saved.

We are not judge, jury and executioner. He did his job and he can’t shoulder any of the blame for his colleague’s death. Gordon has such a big heart and a passion to save the city, though. That’s why he’ll do whatever it takes to save Gotham, even team up with one of his worst enemies and biggest regrets.

Since Gordon’s view of what’s right and wrong is blurry right now, what lengths with Penguin will he go to save Bruce and the city? Will he be crossing any lines he can’t take back?

Tune in on Monday, November 30 at 8/7c pm on FOX for the fall finale of Gotham.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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