‘Scream Queens’ Review: The Original Scream Queen Lives On

SQ_111_sc.27_PP_00563CR_R_thumbSo Pete is one of the Red Devils?! I thought there was only two and now there’s three? This will definitely need some clarification because we know that the other baby is one of the Red Devils and Pete didn’t say he was Grace’s brother, so that means he’s the third Red Devil.

I suspected him from the start, but we’ve had so many other suspects since then. It makes total sense why he’s the killer. He hates fraternities and sororities. I know a lot of people think Grace is the killer, but really I don’t think she has a strong enough motive. She’s too sweet. She couldn’t go through on her Dean Munsch plan, even though if Munsch had died on the first attempt, she would have been a murderer.

It was very strange having Grace and Chanel on the same page for once. They’re always working against each other.

Jamie Lee Curtis just keeps getting better and better on this show. I love that you can’t kill her. That’s how she defeated three killers at once and how the Kappa girls failed at killing her not once, but twice. The third time they were just idiots.

SQ_111_sc.24_25_26_26_PP_00462CR_thumbI’m so happy that Jamie survived though and they keep using more and more of her!  Sorry for all the exclamation points in one post, but if you saw this episode, you know they are needed.

If Jamie has to die come the season finale, I’ve said it before, it has to be epic.

I loved how we got a little taste of Black Friday this week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show highlight Black Friday and what better show to do it than Scream Queens. And who doesn’t want to shop Black Friday in Chanel style?

This had to be the best episode yet. Everyone was exceptionally funny and on point. We even had a little Chanel scare. They can’t really kill her off at this point. She has to live to the finale, but all bets are off then. No one is safe in the finale.

That was the one downside to this episode, no deaths, but I’m sure they will make up for it in the two hour season finale.

We started with an epic two hour opening and I’m sure the finale two hour ending will be just as epic.

Who do you think will die in the finale? Who do you think is the last Red Devil? How will Grace react to Pete’s shocking news, how are you reacting to it?

I’m not surprised and sadly still find him hot, but who wasn’t enjoying Boone, even though he was a killer? They toy with our emotions when the cast hot guys as the killers.

I’m excited and sad for the finale next week. What will we do with our Tuesday nights?


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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