‘The Flash’/ ‘Arrow’ Crossover Review: Should Oliver Tell Felicity?

FLA208B_0003bThe Flash/Arrow crossover gave me even more reasons to watch The Flash. There were a lot of elements of these episode that I can only assume were taken from The Flash and it was very interesting.

The one bad thing about crossovers is if you don’t watch all the shows involved, you can be slightly lost. There’s so many characters you just don’t know. Lucky for me, there’s been other crossovers where I’ve been introduced to some of these characters.

This is the kind of crossover I love. The kind that the characters are really integrated into both shows. It made for two great episode and another great element for the spinoff, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

For most of the episodes it seemed like Hawkman was the brains behind the operation and maybe he was for thousands of years, but when he let Hawkgirl take over and Oliver and Barry’s crews, they finally beat their enemy. Never count the girl out.

That’s what I love about this show, it’s main demographic may be male, but it’s not afraid to show how strong the female characters are. It’s not about the damsel in distress. These women can take care of themselves.

Felicity had some great moments in these episodes. I just loved how she came up with the plan for the magnetic arrow and was replaying Oliver’s dialogue when they were fighting, once again she didn’t realize it was an open line. She’s super smart, but she’s also very funny.

I had stopped worrying about Oliver and Felicity, but now I’m very worried again. He has to tell her about his child. I don’t care what promises he made. If he wants their relationship to work, then he needs to be honest.

I had forgotten about Oliver’s son. I remember the episode and thinking, what was the point of giving him a son? What does that really offer the storyline? And I still don’t know. It seems to be a closed door on that arc for now, but it’s probably just waiting to come back when it can mess things up.

Other than ruining Olicity, I don’t see the purpose of this storyline and I hate when they mess with Olicity.

AR408B_0251bI’m very interested to know more about Hawkgirl and Hawkman, but I guess that was the whole point.

It’s not long now till the season premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It’s been a long spin-off in the making. There’s so many elements to it and it’s not a backdoor pilot like a lot of shows do. At times I got a little tired of going off the storyline, particularly in getting Sara’s soul back, but Ray’s story arc was a lot more interesting. I mean it led to one of the best rescue missions ever. In part because of Curtis.

Malcolm just loves showing up and saving the day. Is any one really surprised that he is buddies with Savage? He always has his own agenda. I guess we can assume that this enemy will be back.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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