‘Supergirl’ Review: Kara Doesn’t Need Super Powers to Be a Hero

This was the most inspirational and emotional episode of Supergirl yet. Kara didn’t have her powers, but she’s still a hero and a lot of other characters became heroes this week too.

107202_WB_0617bcKara couldn’t just sit back and watch her city fall apart, but she was in no shape to really do anything. She dislocated her shoulder and she was in more pain than she’s ever been. She didn’t know how to handle just being human.

Since Supergirl couldn’t save the day right away, everyone else was pitching in.

Cat was inspiring everyone to be their own heroes and James was even stepping it up.

Cat has the greatest speeches. She gives us our #mondaymotivation every week. If Supergirl ever moved nights, there would be a problem. It would have to be #motivationalWednesday or #motivationalwhateverdayitis.

This week was better than ever. Cat even inspired Supergirl, but we all know what really inspired Kara to get her powers back, James.

It took love to get her powers to come back. She couldn’t let James die. It’s so obvious that there’s major chemistry between the two of them. Why can’t they notice it?

107202_WB_1254bc (1)Winn notices it and he’s very mad about it. He says he’s disappointed in her because James has a girlfriend, which is true, but we all know he loves her. He’s mad because he’s not the one who gets the girl. Don’t put all the blame on Kara, James should shoulder some of the blame too.

There was so many great moments this week. James telling Kara about the first picture he ever took. It was of his father and he never came home from war. It was so heartbreaking.

Alex finally found out what happened to her father and it was just has heartbreaking. Her father sacrificed himself for an alien. That doesn’t surprise me. He did raise one. Now that alien is posing as Hank, but his real name is Jemm.

107202_WB_0165bcHe made a promise to her father to protect her and that’s why she’s at the DEO. To be honest, I think the DEO is the least safe place for her, but I sure do like watching her kick butt.

It was also great watching Kara save the day without her powers. Her hand was shaking and she could have died if the guy shot her, but she pulled through.

Cat may not have her mom being proud of her, but she has Supergirl being proud of her and you could tell that meant a lot to her.

I love the bond that Cat and Supergirl have. Supergirl has found her own mentor with Cat. She’s this amazing powerful and successful woman and Kara is still trying to find her way. We can all look up to Cat.

This episode just made us all relate to Kara even more. It was great seeing her rise to the occasion even without her super powers. Everyone was rising to the occasion this week.

It took a crisis for Winn to finally get noticed at work. Cat doesn’t actually know his name yet, but at least he’s been noticed. Or maybe that’s bad, he’ll get more attention from her now, but you get the great advice and inspiration too.

Cat may be a bitch, but she has so much wisdom. I love it.

Tune in next week for the winter finale. Kara will be facing off with her Aunt.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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