‘Supergirl’ Review: Kara’s Secret is Out

These character are becoming very multi-layered and I’m really enjoying getting to know them. There was so much that happened in this episode, but we’ll have to wait till next year to see how it all ends.

107312_D0621bcThe focus from the previews was Astra coming out of hiding and confronting Kara. We knew the timing was suspicious, why now? But we didn’t know what she was up to.

Astra tried to paint Kara’s mother as the bad one, but it may be that both sister are just bad. Astra was the bait, so the plan could go on. The plan was to attack Lord technologies. Even if we hate him for going after Supergirl, he’s still trying to help the planet, so why did they target him? I’m not so sure I agree with Astra’s methods and that’s not just because I’m a human.

The story with Astra may have left us with the biggest cliffhanger, seeing as she’s fighting her aunt’s husband and we don’t know how this ends yet, but it was the Cat Grant story that was really the heart of this episode.

Her emails were hacked by the head of the board and they were trying to push her out. We learned quite a bit about the media mogul this week. James, Kara and Winn had to go through all of Cat’s emails to see if there was a smoking gun and they found one. She had a son. Her ambition may have lost her that son and she was about to give it all up so she wouldn’t hurt him, again. Then it was Kara to the rescue.

107312_D0300bIt doesn’t actually surprise me that Cat figured it out. Cat is a very smart woman and the pieces were all there right in front of her. Kara slipping that she overheard the board member may have been the final piece Cat needed to put it all together.

I mean have you ever seen Kara and Supergirl in the same room together? She’s always running out before Supergirl shows up and Cat is right, Kara was sick and hurt when Supergirl was MIA. It wasn’t really too hard to put together the pieces. This is definitely why superheroes need masks. That can help conceal their identity better.

I’m very intrigued where the story will go from here now that Cat knows Kara’s real identity. Do we trust Cat?

Clark’s identity hasn’t been exposed at the Daily Planet, but could that be because there’s a man at the top? Cat was just a little bit more intuitive. Or is it because Kara didn’t take such a low profile in her cover life?

Either way this will be a conflict for Kara when the show returns. In the meantime she has bigger problems, like trying to defeat her aunt’s boyfriend.

Cat wasn’t the only one putting the pieces together this week. Alex was also putting the pieces together. Astra let Kara win and Alex figured it out.

I was a little surprised that Kara won the fight. Not that Kara isn’t strong and capable, but Astra is stronger and more experienced.

107321_D0976bcThere’s a lot of crazy stuff going on, but we did get to have some fun this week. I love when the sisters spar. It’s so fun to watch them and to get to see Alex fight. She’s so good and always teaches Kara something. Alex may not have super powers, but she’s worked hard to be able to do what she can.

Winn finally admitted to having feelings for Kara. We all knew from the beginning, even before she came out to him as Supergirl, but James called him on it. Will Winn tell her how he feels when we return?

I’m a little torn about how I feel about James telling him to go for it. I ship James and Kara. Those are the two I want to see together. Winn is very cute and sweet and no offence to him, but I like James better. More because of their chemistry together, but okay writers, make me a believer in Winn and Kara.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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