‘The Royals’ Review: Who Killed the King?

There’s a lot of secrets on The Royals and this week we got a lot of answers. So much was revealed in one episode, but we still don’t know who killed the King. Jasper is determined to solve that mystery.

more turhtWe really did get a lot of backstory about Simon and Helena, but we assumed that Domino had something to do with the King’s death and we assumed wrong. That’s an even bigger mystery.

Helena and Alistair have hinted at what happen so many years ago, but we didn’t really know. They were in love, but Helena was her family’s only hope.

Helena wasn’t the only one that was in love. Simon had his own soul mate. It was bittersweet that these two had their own loves and were ripped from them.

I don’t believe that Helena killed Domonique, I think Helena’s mother killed her. She got her daughter’s name on the list and of course she did whatever it took to get her daughter on the thrown. Helena is evil, but I don’t believe she murdered in her, at least not back then.

Helena was too much in love and back then she really was ready to marry the love of her life.

laimThis episode wasn’t quite as exceptional as last week’s, but it still was very well done. The love story theme kept going from last week and heartbreak continued.

Elizabeth Hurley has had some great moments with Alexandra Park and William Mosley and this week was no exception. Helena had some really good mother daughter time and it was truly genuine. She didn’t even need drugs to create this magical moment.

The Royals is such a scandalous show, but I keep liking the moments with heart the best. That’s just because these characters have a lot of depth to them. We can have a lot of fun with them when they are parting, but the substance is when we see who they really are.

Cyrus is a very interesting character and I know have hated on him a lot, but he feels very deeply and he just lashes out. I’m not sure what his true intentions were when he gave that speech, maybe he was going to propose, but Violet didn’t show up and he lashed out yet again.

He’s moving way to fast though. It’s no wonder she got scared. I know he’s dying, but this relationship needs to slow down just a bit.

man on a missionJasper may not have had very much screen time, but what we got of him was great. He’s trying to figure out just how to make it up to Eleanor and of course every apology he ran through his head ended in a slap. It’s going to take a lot more than an apology to make-up for the mess he created.

I loved that Helena is rooting for him. I never saw that coming. I’m so happy she’s on board with this relationship.

Jasper has gone back to his original plan, solving the King’s murder. That is sure to win the princess back .

I have to take a moment to point out something. Shouldn’t Jasper be fired? Not that I want him to, but he admitted to trying to steal a crown jewel. I mean that’s pretty serious. I guess Eleanor never told anyone, but that just seems like something he would get booted for.

I’m so happy we are neglecting that little detail though. I’m rooting for Eleanor and Jasper too. Not that she should simply take him back. I’m looking forward to watching him work for it. He could be the man who solves everything. He definitely has the determination.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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