‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Review: The Quest is Just Beginning

We’re four episodes in and the quest is just beginning. I’m starting to see more and more similarities to Lord of The Rings, with one big difference, two females are at the center of the quest.

Shannara S1e4 18This could get really interesting. Amberle and Wil clearly have something going on, but of course the tree told her not to let emotions get in the way. So she’s pushing him away. He took the opportunity to sleep with Eretria, but he was being tricked.

Wil will have a lot of making up to do for that stupid mistake. But now the three of them are on this quest together and it’s up to them to save everyone. This seems like a recipe for disaster.

I love the situation that the writers have put Amberle in. It’s about time the weight of the world rested on a woman’s shoulders. There’s been a few over the years with the same fate, but I feel like we’ve been lacking those characters for a while.

There was Buffy and the ladies of Charmed, but not too many lately. Sure you have great characters like Olivia Pope, but where are the ones having to save the world over and over again?

We’ve needed a new Buffy characters and Amberle could be it. I hate when her uncle didn’t want to send a young girl out into the woods. If it was a young boy would you be totally on board with the plan? If the answer is still no, fine, point taken, but something tells me a young boy rushing off to danger would be totally fine.

Shannara S1e4 24I predict a lot of awkward and funny moments between our three heroes. We already had one this week with Eretria telling Amberle about how she really stole the stones.

This may be a love triangle, but Wil doesn’t trust Eretria and Amberle is pushing Wil away. How long can Amberle hide her feelings? And how long till there’s really something going on between Eretria and Wil?

Wil made a very stupid mistake, but how may guys wouldn’t have fallen for the same thing?

Why would the Ellcrys want to put these three together? It’s seems like such a bad plan. I’m sure it will be great entertainment for us, but not a strong plan to save everyone.

Did anyone even think about the Rover’s master coming back to haunt them? Eretria did say she’s his property, so of course he’s going to come to get her back.

Shannara S1e4 19I thought that was her father. I had no idea she was sold to him and had the life to endure. I may not completely like her character, but I love the depth she has. These are the kind of female characters we need on TV.

Amberle is a very great character too. I love that she’s a princess, but she wanted more from her life. Well she certainly got more now.

She’s not perfect and at times she might not be the right person for the job, but she overcomes all of that. Buffy was the same way. Just think of how scared Buffy was the first time she picked up a stake and look at the slayer she turned into.

I thought Allanon was going to be a big part of this quest, but I guess he has a different role to play.

This is such an ambitious show for TV. There’s so much involved in bringing this world to life. We have so many visions of war filled lands and pending deaths. Then we have present day in this beautiful world. It’s amazing how they bring it all to the screen.

The changleings are quite cool creatures. They are scary creatures too, but I love how well they brought that to the screen. Allanon is going to have his hands full dealing with the second changeling.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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