‘The Flash’ Review: Are you Upset About Barry and Patty?

As much as I was rooting for Patty and Barry, maybe it was always doomed from the start.

He’s got two enemies he has to fend off that will come after his loved ones. Only one at the beginning of this episode, but two by the end.

FLA210B_0078bI agree with Iris, if he wants it to be serious, he has to tell her, but it was just too late. Maybe fate was intervening and they were never meant to be.

He tried a few times to tell her and they all back-fired. I don’t think trying to tell Patty in the middle of a mission was the best of ideas. Clearly that wasn’t going to work.

What was he thinking? He’s going to tell her and then go, ‘I have a meta-human to take care of now’. That was never going to work.

It’s really a shame that these two didn’t work out. They were so cute together. They are both super smart and dorky, in a cute way. Plus Patty was a fan of Barry’s. Even more so if she found out Barry was the Flash.

Cisco was totally down with Barry telling Patty. He said she sounded like Team Flash material. Caitlin clearly had reservations and Wells out and out told him not to. And he has a very good point.

As much as I loved these two together, I think she really lucked out. It appears to be a dangerous season ahead for Barry, maybe not the best time to have a girlfriend. Look at what just happened to Felicity.

FLA210B_0134bI’m not saying he should never find love, that’s just not realistic, but maybe he has more pressing things to deal with right now.

I’m a little surprised she didn’t put two and two together. I mean the Turtle said the Flash cares for her, Barry disappears right before the Flash shows up. I mean the signs are all there.

I did love the scene with Grant Gustin and Shantel VanSanten when Patty was yelling at Barry. He is a superhero, so most of what he’s done can be forgiven, once she knew the truth, but she was right to be mad.

I just loved her yelling at him. She was a strong woman and wasn’t going to take being pushed around by Barry. Either he was in it or he wasn’t. We should take note from Patty. Most guys are not going to be hiding a secret identity. 

One of my favorite things about this show is Cisco. I love how he names the villains and how he gets excited over their powers. This was especially true in this episode, with the Turtle.

Cisco loves the Turtle. He got so excited over this villain. I love when he fanboys out over these bad guys. I know these are bad guys, but we can have some fun with these meta-humans, right?

FLA210B_0107bI’m not sure how I feel about Joe having a long lost son. I felt bad for him when Wally didn’t show up for dinner and was just pushing him away. I’ll wait and see where this storyline is going, but I don’t see the point right now. Other than upsetting Iris and Joe.

This Wells is even more secretive than the last. At least the last Wells played the part of being their mentor, this one just shuts them out.

They are all very intelligent and I think if they come together, they will be able to beat these super villains.

I can’t blame Wells for wanting to save his daughter, but I feel like there’s a better way to do it. If he gets his daughter back, then what? Zoom is still an issue. If he defeats Zoom, he gets his daughter back and Zoom is finished.

I know it’s not as simple as all that, especially when it involves someone you love.

Now we have two super speed villains to deal with. What is the Reverse Flash doing back? Didn’t we take care of him?

This is not the best time for him to be coming back. We already have our hands full with Zoom. This is going to be an interesting, and scary, second part of the season.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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