‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Are You Shipping Spaleb?

The liars may be grown up, but it’s feeling a lot like high school all over again.

I can’t remember how many times Ashley has confronted Hanna about something she did or was accused of doing. It was déjà vu watching them have a conversation they’ve had so many times before. Hanna is still lying and Ashley still knows her daughter is not telling her something.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.32.55 PMIt’s funny how the liars get so desperate when they didn’t do anything and ‘A’ hadn’t actually came back yet. For once they could just rely on the truth.

I mean Aria may have looked suspicious, but she still probably didn’t kill Charlotte. Why do these girls never just rely on the truth?

Hanna deleted the tape and now they are in bigger trouble than ever. They can’t just leave it alone.

Hanna had to go to Lucas to save her. Why would he lie for her after all of these years? Does he still have feelings for her? He was way to eager to lie to the police.

Why isn’t Lucas a suspect? He should be on that list. He was tortured too. I mean mostly by Mona, but Mona was being led around by Charlotte for a while too.

Do we really believe Ezra had anything to do with Charlotte’s murder. Sure he’s in a bad place, but still. I would get mad too if I was just accused of murder.

Is it bad that I like this Ezra better? He’s got so much more depth to him now. I’m looking forward to seeing where his character goes.

What is Aria doing? She’s writing the book for him? I’m sure what little he had was about Aria, I mean she is the love of his live. But why is she doing it for him? Why does she care so much? Other than the fact that she still loves him. Her first book is going to be under Ezra’s name. Does she really want that? Is he really worth it?

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.33.19 PMAs much as I will always be an Ezria fan and will be waiting for the two to reunite, Liam and Aria are cute together. They really just fit together. If we never had an Ezria, I would be totally shipping them.

The couples are getting out of hand in season 6B. The writers have been hinting about Spencer and Caleb since the winter premiere, but I just wouldn’t accept it. Now they are hooking up and I can no longer be in denial.

But why writers, why? We are Haleb and Spoby fans, why are you messing with those perfect couples? Those better be the end game, because I do not like these new couples.

Sara is really starting to creep me out. She’s everywhere. Why doesn’t it surprise me that there was more to prom night than we were told. There always is.

It’s not the liars fault that she was electrocuted and her hands burned. She was working for the enemy and it sucks she got hurt in the process, but she chose her side.

So Emily isn’t sick, just donating her eggs. That’s a big relief. She’s still far from okay and her lies came back to haunt her. Her mom finally knows she dropped out of school. Can coming back to Rosewood help Em get back on track?

It took three episodes before ‘A’ revealed himself. I’ve been waiting for those black hoodies and text messages and finally he made himself known. Though it looks like he may upgrade from the black hoodie, since he threw it away.

We finally have our new ‘A’ to obsess over.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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