‘Scream’ Review: What Will Audrey do to Protect Her Secret?

Season two is starting out very differently. Other than Audrey, no one knows the murders have begun again. Poor Jake is dead and his body is being used to taunt Audrey. Brooke keeps desperately calling and texting to no avail.

Audrey Episode 203Brooke and Jake really bonded over last season and I was really shipping them. It’s going to be heartbreaking to watch Brooke find out the truth.

This season isn’t about taking out the popular kids, it’s about playing with Audrey’s conscience. She clearly has one. I’m still wondering how involved she was with the murders. I’m not sure she even killed anyone. As for her almost killing her best friend, she was desperate. It was written all over her face. She thought her secret was going to be revealed. You could tell she was relieved that she didn’t have to when the tape was blank and also felt really bad.

I couldn’t believe Audrey would kill her best friend and I don’t think she meant to get to that point. She was in the clear, but Noah won’t let it go. He’s determined to find Piper’s accomplice.

Some are wondering why Noah can’t see that Audrey is acting strangely. We have a blind spot when it comes to our friends, especially our best friends. It’s going to take a little more for him to finally take note. I’m sure he will, but sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you.

Audrey was in a full on panic when Emma was in a hotel room with the killer. She even called the police, which got her into a lot of trouble. I’d like to know more about how everything went down. Audrey clearly has a heart and cares deeply for her friends, but why did she end up in such a mess? Sure she was outed on social media to all of her classmates, but whatever she was planning started before that. Being outed that way may be enough of a motive, but if the plan was already in motion, what promoted it all? There are more layers to discover of Audrey.

Noah has been exceptionally good this season. I love him investigating the murders, but Stavo has a point, he is going to end up on someone’s death list. Audrey almost bashed him over the head. As he digs deeper beyond Audrey, whoever is doing the murders now, may come calling for him. This person is finishing the job after all. Noah may not have been on the original list, but I’m sure being one of the Lakewood six puts him on it now.

Emma is taking a little bit of a back seat this season. Sure she’s picking up the pieces, but I like that the writers are really exploring other characters too. We’re still getting to learn more about Brooke. She’s such a dynamic character. Looks like she has another mysterious bad boy this season. I loved that Stavo kissed her, certainly put a dagger through Branson, but he doesn’t deserve anything else. Brooke and him were always going to end badly, maybe not as badly as it did, but still bad.

There were questions revolving around Emma’s dad last season, now we have the answers. He didn’t just walk away, he was sent away and for a good reason. Maggie has been desperately trying to protect her daughter from the truth, but maybe it’s time to come clean. No one can fault her for what she’s done, especially when you know the truth. It was heartbreaking watching Emma learn the truth, but at least Audrey was there. Audrey was coming to her rescue for other reasons, but she was there. It’s hard to hate Audrey for what she’s done, but no secrets stay hidden forever.

Now that new blood is literally on her hands and her fingers prints are on the murder weapon, what will she do to hide her secret?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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