‘Scream’ Review: The Killer Picked the Most Dramatic Way to Reveal Jake

I was hoping for a death on Scream this week. Last season there were so many great death scenes, but this season has taken a very different tone. It’s all about torturing Audrey and Brooke. I wanted Brooke to know the truth, but at the same time, I knew it was going to break her heart when she finally knew the truth.

Emma and Killer 204

Jake has been dead a while and I was wondering how the killer was going to reveal the truth, but I had no idea he/she was going to do it in such a dramatic way. If Carrie thought the pig’s blood was bad, what would she have done if she was covered in her dead boyfriend’s blood?

When Carlson Young posted pictures of herself on social covered in blood, I was so worried. Luckily, physically, she’s fine. Now she has something in common with Emma, though, I think Will’s death was even more traumatic.

At least now Jake’s name can be redeemed. I hated that the killer was dragging his name through the mud.

Now that the killer has outed him/herself, I’m sure things are going to be different for the rest of the season. Audrey was the only one that knew there was a new killer, now everyone knows.

This was a particularly creepy episode and it was drug induced. I can imagine hallucinations being bad, but I’m sure after what the Lakewood six have been through, it’s even worse.

Poor Brooke was being tortured by Jake. Emma was dealing with a masked Brandon James and Audrey was dealing with her conscious. I don’t know if Emma saw the killer or not, but either way, she knew the killer was back.

While it was all scary, Noah’s trip was the worst. He kissed his best friend and lost his chance with the girl. This killer just likes screwing things up.

The new boys are not earning any points with me. Eli is so manipulative. Kieren just wanted a quiet night with his girl. He may not have drugged everyone, but he lay the groundwork for the killer.

Stavo may not be the killer, but he has a very unhealthy obsession with the Lakewood six. And why does he have a Brandon James mask? Maybe just more to add to the obsession, but still.

I don’t like that Stavo and Brooke are getting close. Sure, Jake was all suspicious last season and he won us over in the end, but I don’t trust this guy.

We don’t know much about Stavo and Eli, yet, but we do know Audrey was involved with the murders. I don’t trust the boys, but Audrey I like and I’m so torn up about. I like that she’s found her place, but it’s still bad what she did. I’m worried about her getting caught, I’m worried about Noah finding out the truth. Stavo and Eli haven’t really done anything that bad yet, but we’ve put our guard up and for some reason we almost want to let Audrey off the hook. The writers sure know how to play with our emotions.

I’m not even sure what I want to happen with Audrey, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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