‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Old Habits Get the Liars in Big Trouble

The Liars have made some pretty bad choices in the past but this is the worst. They’re not in high school anymore, they should be thinking clearer with this new ‘A’ taunting them.

TROIAN BELLISARIOSpencer was very, very wrong. It was an accident. They could have just gone to the police. I’ve watched cop procedural shows and many of the cases ended in someone who accidentally killed someone and covered it up. They would have been fine if they just told the truth.

The Jenna thing was pretty bad, but this is 100 times worse. They can’t just think they are going to cover it up and bury the secret. This one will come back to haunt them.

If the Liars really did take out A.D., where do we go from here? Sure there are so many questions to be answered but if there is no new ‘A’, then the show is taking a totally different path.

It should come to no surprise that Elliott wasn’t his real name. His name is Archer Dunhill and he actually signed his own name those texts. Of course, we didn’t know what his real name was until Jenna said it.

Jenna is working with the new ‘A’! Before we get to that, let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that Jenna is back. Sure she causes the Liars a lot of trouble but we just love her anyways. There’s still so many questions surrounding her, so many questions we need to be answered.

Jenna made a pretty great entrance. She still knows all the Liars’ voices and came up with a pretty good cover story to why she was back in Rosewood. It actually seemed pretty believable. Until she ran into Toby and we realized Toby’s engagement had nothing to do with why she was back in Rosewood.

Now we can freak out about the fact that she was working with Elliott, or do we call him Archer?


She still hasn’t given up her grudge on Ali but does that extend to the Liars too?

Elliott may be gone, or is he? You can never be for sure on this show. But there are still so many questions around him. He wasn’t who he said he was, so who was he?

Emily may have been right to get Toby on the case at first, but now his poking around may end up leading back to them.

I do think they should tell him. Yes, he’s a cop, but something tells me he will fall back into old habits and help the girls out. Of course, they should have gone to the cops to begin with.

Speaking of mistakes, let’s talk about Spencer. She is the one that is all over the details but she chooses to get drunk when they are covering up a murder? I get that things are very, very bad, but lets at least finish the task at hand before we drown our sorrows. When Spencer explodes, she does it in fabulous fashion.

It was heartbreaking to watch Caleb try to make things right with Spencer with Hanna there. I’m not a Spaleb fan but that doesn’t mean my heart isn’t breaking for Spencer.

The Liars may be good at keeping secrets but they are not good at doing the dirty work, enter Mona. Did they really think they could pull this off without her? Not that they would have ever thought to call her. At least not now.

If anyone is going to clean up this mess, she will. I know the girls have never trusted her since she was revealed to be ‘A’, but after everything since Charlotte became ‘A’, I trust her. With her brains and wits, I want her on my side.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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