‘Scream’ Review: Is this the End?

There may not have been many deaths in the final chapter, but there was a lot of screams and there was the killer reveal that brought back memories of the first Scream film.

BROOKE AND KILLER EPISODE 212In the first three minutes, there was a death and the killer let Audrey and Emma free. This set up a killer episode (pun intended).

The killer was among them the entire time since season one. Many people believed Kieran was the killer for multiple episodes now. I never really believed it was him. There was the occasional hint that it was him, but I never really thought it was him.

I kept thinking it was Eli. He was just so creepy that it had to be him. Then Eli died when he was trying to save Emma! I feel so bad for suspecting him this entire time.

The killer reveal reminded me of the first Scream film. Only this time Emma knew it was him before he switched to the psycho voice. Then he ranted on like the killers in the Scream films did. It was just perfect.

For a moment it seemed like it was all done, but we can’t just end it here. We need more Scream. Turns out Brandon James is alive. I suspected he was alive. Does this mean he’ll be the killer in season three? He’s not happy with Kieran for wearing his mask.

Through everything, Brooke didn’t believe for a second that her friends could have killed her father. They all bonded together to face the killer. I was freaked out when Brooke was stabbed. I actually screamed at the TV and that doesn’t happen very often.

Looks like Emma and Audrey have solved their issues. I guess being framed for murder and then stuck with the killer will make you forget about all the reasons you were mad.

Brooke has moved on with Stavo and Stavo seems to be doing better too. No more creepy murder drawings. And him and his father seem to be doing well.

Everyone has moved on but is it over? Well, there’s no word on if there will be a season three yet, but there is a lot left open for another season to happen.

I still believe Kieran needed an accomplice to pull this all off. Noah was right about Piper having an accomplice and in this episode, he said this killer might have an accomplice. Could he be right again?

The teacher still seems to be obsessed with Emma too. There’s a lot more that can be explored in a third season. Here’s hoping Scream gets picked up for another season!

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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