I Found the New Comedy I was Looking for: ‘The Good Place’

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a TV show drama girl. I mean, just look at my blog, it’s all about the drama shows. But I also love comedy.

I have three comedies that I watch right now: The Big Bang Theory, New Girl and Last Man Standing. I’ve been looking for another comedy to watch. People keep telling me Modern Family is great and one day I’m sure I will get around to watching it but for whatever reason I just haven’t.

I watch so many shows each season that it’s hard to check out new shows and really get hooked on them. I usually check out my new shows during the summer and winter break. I binge watch something and then it’s added to my ever growing list of shows.

This season Kristen Bell is starring in a comedy called The Good Place. I’ve been a fan of hers since Veronica Mars so no matter what I was checking this show out. It was hilarious.

photogrid_1474468091684I guess most of the comedies I’ve watched in the past have been very similar: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory. You can kind of see a theme to the comedies that I keep on my list. I would say the one exception to is Last Man Standing and that’s because I love Tim Allen. I use to watch Home Improvement and I actually think it’s funnier when Tim is surrounded by women.

Most of my comedy shows have the friends living life kind of feel to them and The Good Place is not like that at all, but it’s got me reminiscing about Veronica Mars and loving Kristen’s character.

good-placeShe’s this awful, awful person and she’s been put in the Good Place by mistake and now she’s trying to be good so she can stay there. It’s going to be extremely tough for her. She’s hasn’t really done a good thing in her entire life. I guess she has an eternity to work on that well. That is if she doesn’t get caught.

Apparently, they have a very selective process when it comes to who gets into the Good Place. Which means most people I know, including myself, are all going to the Bad Place. This makes the show a lot of fun. Eleanor (Kristin) is surrounded by all of these exceptionally good people that have all done such good things in their life, it’s hard for anyone not to feel bad about themselves.

It’s very different than the comedies that I generally watch and I’m sure Kristen was a factor in sucking me in but the whole cast is hilarious. I can’t wait to see if Eleanor can turn herself around, but I kind of hope she keeps a little of her selfish streak. It would be no fun otherwise.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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