‘The Flash’: Two Things I’m Not Looking Forward to in the Flashpoint

There are two things that I am not happy about going into the third season of The Flash. One is that Barry (Grant Gustin) never had the relationship with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) that made him the man he is today. I don’t think Barry would be capable of becoming the Flash if it wasn’t for Joe.

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Barry certainly would not have been the character we all fell in love with if it wasn’t for Joe.

I love their relationship. It’s a friendship, a father and son relationship and a partnership. It’s one of the best relationships that’s on TV and this Flashpoint is screwing that all up.

The second thing I’m upset about is Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) character. I don’t like this rich snob that he is in this alternate reality. I love the cute geek he is in the real reality. That’s the Cisco I love.

While I get that the Flashpoint is in the comics and it works to shake-up the plot, that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

I get that Barry wanted to save his mother and have his family together, but he just ruined everything.

I look forward to watching how he plans to fix his huge mistake.

For anyone else who hasn’t read the comics, how do you feel about this change? Are you upset that Barry didn’t grow up with Joe in this reality? Are you missing the old Cisco?

Season three of The Flash premieres on The CW Tuesday, Oct. 4 8|7c pm.

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