‘Scream Queens’ Review: Do the Chanels Fit into the Hospital Setting?

Season one of Scream Queens seemed fresh and new but the second season isn’t holding up to the standards the first set.

Scream Queens was one of the shows I was most looking forward to coming back but it hasn’t lived up to the incredible first season. Sure, it has its moments. Most of the time when the Chanels are on screen it’s great. John Stamos is adding an interesting dynamic by having the hand of a serial killer.

Michael Becker / FOX
Michael Becker / FOX

Colton Haynes guest starting was great, but we knew as soon as he got involved with Chanel #5, he would be a goner.

I guess the thing I’m most disappointed about is how predictable this season has been so far. Maybe the Chanels don’t work as well in a hospital setting as they did in a sorority setting.

Zayday wants answers. She may be the only one to give us answers. She has a feeling Munsch is behind the murders. I did like that she told Munsch that she had less than a year to live from a fake disease. Zayday seems to be adapting fine to this new setting.

I haven’t lost all hope yet of Scream Queens being the fun show it was in season one.

Kirstie Alley’s character is up to something. She wants to know all about the Chanels, Zayday and Munsch, but why?

Denise is back and that can only mean good things. This time around she’s an FBI agent, so she’s sure to toot her horn a little more in this investigation. It was always fun watching how wrong she got the Red Devil investigation and this green monster is creepier. Plus, he/she only seems to be killing the uncurable.

Michael Becker / FOX
Michael Becker / FOX

The old faces kept showing up in this episode. Chad is back and he’s determined to win Chanel back. I have to admit I enjoy watching Dr. Holt and Chad fight over Chanel. I’m sure we can all guess that Chanel will end up back in the arms of Chad.

Hester also made a brief appearance from her cell. How is that she knows all about these new murders?

While the second episode of this season wasn’t the greatest, throwing in all these old faces is definitely helping. Having Munsch face off with the killer in the second episode was also one of the highlight moments of the episode.

All of these characters fit so well in the sorority setting and it was a great stand alone season. All of these characters in a hospital setting is bit bizarre and I mean more than the usual bizarreness of this show.

Maybe we just need to lean into that bizarreness and see where it takes us. These characters have proven how great they are, we’re just pushing the limits of where these characters can go.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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