‘Younger’ Review: Josh is All In, Charles is All Out

I’ve always been a #TeamCharles for Liza and #TeamJosh for me. For obvious reasons, I’m sure most of you can relate to, but last night I may have just become #TeamJosh for Liza.

"Younger" (Airs 9/28, 10pm ET/PT)I just loved when Josh came over with donuts to send Caitlin off to college. It was the sweetest thing. He said he’s all in and I love this side of him.

The age difference thing can seem strange at times, especially last season but I have to agree with Caitlin, you don’t really notice it anymore.

Before Josh and Liza can live happily ever after, Charles has been thrown in there to make things complicated, and more fun for us, of course.

You can’t really say Liza has feelings for Charles, but she’s definitely curious about him. She sees a possible future with Charles, where with Josh, the future is murky. Charles is sophisticated and grown up, Josh is cute, fun and still growing up.

Nothing is ever easy for Liza with her secret. Who knows what would have happened if Liza actually met up with Charles. Unfortunately, she had to run into the parents of her daughter’s friend and that forced her to run away.

That couple also talked some sense into Charles. It is insane that he kissed one of the 26-year-old assistants at his company. What he doesn’t know is, the reason he clicks with her so well is because she’s really 40. Once he knows that, well that adds a whole new set of problems.

He has come to his senses and stopped anything from blooming in its tracks and that seems to have irked Liza.

That’s where we begin a new chapter in Liza’s double life. Right now I’m rooting for Josh, but let’s see where the season takes us.

"Younger" (Airs 9/28, 10pm ET/PT)Liza isn’t the only one entering a new chapter. Kelsey is trying to deal with losing her fiance and she confessed some pretty deep feelings.

It’s sad how death can put perspective in our lives. She was going to marry Thad for all the wrong reasons and it wasn’t until he died that she realized that. She’s free but she doesn’t really know how to handle that. Maybe now that she’s told her secret, she can start getting on with her life.

Kelsey throwing herself into her work opened up a very good door for us to learn more about Diana. From what we learned, I want so much more of her this season.

Diana knows how to cut loose, a little too much. She took Kelsey to a gay bar and had way too much to drink. Then we got to see where Diana lives and that closet! I want that closet. After a crazy night, she still looked fabulous in the morning. With a closet like her’s, that’s not that difficult I’m sure. Diana is definitely giving us major #lifegoals right now.

One of the best scenes of the premiere came in the first few minutes when Maggie gave Caitlin a going away to college present: condoms, medium to magnum. Why no small you ask, Maggie has faith in her. If only we could all have an Aunt Maggie in our life.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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