‘Supergirl’ Deals with Bigger Threat in Episode Two Promo

Just when Kara was starting to find her place in the world, she has problems as Supergirl to deal with. She may have saved the day with her cousin in the premiere, but there are still people that don’t support her cause.

At the end of episode one, we saw Mon-El being created. What we didn’t know then was that this would be the ultimate weapon against Supergirl and Superman.

Supergirl looks worried, but could that be because her cousin is a target too? Could having her cousin by her side end up being a weakness for her?

Kara has always shown she cares deeply for her friends and will always do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Superman may have all the powers she does, but I’m sure she would do just the same to protect him.

There appears to be a lot of action in this promo and Alex is right in there on the action. This is a very good sign for her character.

Cat is also shown, even if only briefly. Hopefully, that means we don’t have a break from her just yet.

Season two is just getting started and it looks like Supergirl will have greater threats to deal with. It’s a good think Superman decided to stick around for a bit. Supergirl did always prefer working as a team.

Tune in for episode two on Monday, Oct. 17, 8/7c pm on The CW.

Watch the promo and tell me how you think Supergirl will defeat this latest threat.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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