PaleyFest Red Carpet: Russell Tovey Believes Harry is One of the Good Guys on ‘Quantico’

Russell Tovey has joined the cast of Quantico and he’s a little bit of a mystery to us. It’s hard not to be obsessed with him. That English accent just draws you in. It’s not just the accent it’s also that smile.

Russell said it best when I spoke to him on the PaleyFest red carpet:

I love the character Harry. I think what the writers are doing with him is making him cheeky and charming, which is disarming everyone else and you feel like he’s your friend and you know who is and then you realy don’t and that’s great to play.

Filming Quantico with the different timelines and not knowing how his character gets to point B is a new experience for him. He says you have to commit to the moment, you have to be in the moment for whatever the script is saying. He’s guessing where Harry is going just as much as the audience is.

While Ryan and Alex may be investigating Harry, Russel thinks Harry is genuinely a good guy:

I think he’s a good guy. You know I say that now, he could  turn round and be the number one terrorist, most wanted person in the world. I think he’s actually a good egg. He’s there to cushion the blow. I think his personality is very positive and up and I think when sh*t hits the fan, he’s a really good ally to have because he’s a neutralizer.

Russel is definitely hoping Harry will be helping stop the terrorists.

We’ll have to wait and see where Harry goes. Check out my full interview with Russel. You’ll find it hard not to hope that Harry is a good guy too.




Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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