PaleyFest Red Carpet: Donal Logue Confirms Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon Will Get Back Together

If you’re wondering if Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock will ever get back together, you can rest easy, Donal Logue has assured me that they will. We don’t know when, but they will be brought back together.

I spoke to Donal on the PaleyFest red carpet about what Harvey is up to this season. He’s feeling pretty lost without Jim. Even as an actor he’s feeling lost without his partner.

“When the show started it was so Bullock-Gordon partnership centered that I feel more comfortable whenever we’re on a case together. That’s my favorite,” he said.

Jim has kind of been going a bit insane this season and it’s up to Harvey to calm him down.

“He’s off the rails, so I’m trying to bring him back in,” Donal said.

“People always talk about Harvey Bullock like he’s this weird hot head. I’m like Jim Gordon’s the guy that gets into a lot of stuff. He’s the hard one to control,” he added.

Gordon going insane this season isn’t the only crazy thing happening at the moment. Donal thinks Penguin being mayor is “completely insane.”

“When we started this show I would have no idea that Oswald Cobblepot would be mayor of Gotham. That’s pretty awesome. That’s what I love about our show, I could have never imagined that,” he said.

Check out my full interview with Donal on the red carpet:



Mandy Carr

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