‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Going Down Memory Lane with Damon

Damon has been forgiven so many times. We always forgive him and he screws up again. But he also has the ability to be a great man. There’s so much depth to his character and that’s why he’s always been my favorite Salvatore brother.

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Damon killed Vicky so many years ago and Matt will probably never forgive him. I think remembering that Damon killed Matt’s sister puts things into perspective. Then remembering how much Caroline use to hate him but hearing her say that she forgave him after he was the only one who understood her mother’s loss was so beautiful. Looking back on all the bad that Damon’s done also reminds us of how far he’s come. It’s not only Elena that made him into a better man. Stefan always fought for him and brought him back from the edge. Sherriff Forbes also brought the good out in Damon. Bonnie also did. There are three women that use to hate Damon, who have all been such powerful forces in his life. It’s a beautiful thing to go down memory lane and see how far this character has come.

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Stefan has had his own ups and downs with vampirism. Elena and Damon have brought him back time and time again. Now it’s Caroline’s turn. It was empowering for her to admit that he cares for Damon more than her but she’s still there. Loving someone doesn’t mean being there just when the love is going to be returned but being there unconditionally. I’ve loved the Steroline storyline. I’ve loved how it took seasons to build up. They’re still struggling. It’s going to be a fight until the end of the season. I still want Steroline to be the endgame but more importantly, I want this beautiful relationship to have a great ending

Annette Brown/The CW

I want all the relationships to have good endings. It looks like Bonnie and Damon are on the road to recovery. Damon falls short, a lot, but he has a good heart. It broke my heart as he recited his letter to Bonnie. He really couldn’t bear to let her down. I think letting his loved ones down and then seeing them fight for him has made him grow. There’s a stronger Damon emerging from the series.

While there are some loose ends to tie up as the show is wrapping up, Kade is walking the earth and the sirens are gone. Damon is clearly not going to be doing the devil’s bidding anymore and Stefan is locked up, so he can’t do it. It should be interesting to see how they take care of the devil. We’ve battled so many other enemies over eight seasons, why not end with the devil?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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