‘The Royals’ Review: Where Does Liam go From Here?

Robert was always painted as the perfect son and the perfect brother but now that we’ve met him, I really don’t like him. There were moments when I thought that maybe I could like this guy. I loved how he tricked Cyrus into letting the Privy council decide the thrown but I didn’t like it when he manipulated his own brother.

Liam has gone through a tough time since Robert came back from the dead. Who could blame him? He was about to be king and now he’s gone back to being the spare. I think he was always okay with being that but the moment he was called upon, he rose to the occasion. It’s clear that Liam has always had a good heart but when his country and family needed him, he proved he had a lot of strength too. Where does he go from here? I believe Liam is ready. Why would Helena be trying to get the thrown for him if she didn’t believe he was ready? I hope she’s seeing what her eldest son is really capable of now. She may be. I really liked the way she spoke to him and the way she made him call her majesty. I don’t trust Robert and the more I get to know him, the less I like him.

I hated that we had an episode without Jasper. I’m glad that he’s back and he’s trying to make it possible for him and Eleanor to be together. While I love him taking charge, why couldn’t he have just told Eleanor the truth? It was sweet that he left to save her but he was too rash. Now that he’s thought about it, he’s doing the right thing. Jaspeanor is my favorite couple on this show and I hate when they are hurting but I love when Jasper is fighting for her.

Helena may have found herself a new love. Spencer and Helena are so cute together. I didn’t like that she went off to Paris with that one guy. While it may have originally started out as just sex, something has clearly happened between them. She would have never have stopped him from quitting if there wasn’t something there. I’m glad he stood up for himself but at the same time, what was he expecting? It’s that fine line of knowing what your worth but knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

I was also very happy when Willow stood up for herself. Regardless of if Liam saw that she had feelings for him, they were friends. And he should have respected her more. He needs his friends right now. He’s going through a hard time and I hate to see him like this. He lost the thrown and the girl in a single moment, so what does he do now? I’m not sure where he goes from here. Especially, with a brother like the one he has.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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