‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Long Live the Queen of Hell, Katherine

This episode was a great episode but I think the CW released the teasers for the finale way too early. On the one hand, Damon and Stefan should make it to the final episode regardless but if we didn’t know that for a fact, this episode would have been even more powerful. It was great that Damon chose to give up his soul to the devil to save Elena and Stefan. It was the most selfless thing he’s ever done. He always said he couldn’t be selfish with Elena and he almost died holding true to that. It was a great moment I would have enjoyed better if I didn’t know he was going to be just fine. This is the exact reason I hate spoilers, it ruins it for you.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

I’m very happy that Bonnie got some power back before the end, even if it was just a psychic one. Bonnie was always at her best when she was powerful and pushing the limits of that power to save the people she loves. She did that once again here where she went up against the devil to save Damon. You really can’t underestimate her because she will surprise you even if she dies to save her friends, she will win in the end.

The question still remains, will she be dying when Elena wakes up or do they find another way to bring her back? Only two more episodes until we get the answer to this and maybe even less.

Damon and Stefan taking on the devil wasn’t the only battle going on. Caroline and Alaric were taking on Kai. I’m so happy he’s back. I’m also happy that the vampire hunter in Alaric is back too. He was at his best when he was a history teacher/vampire hunter/ Damon’s best friend. Can he please be Damon’s best friend again? That’s all we are really missing here.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

I think it’s great that he wants to open up a school for his girls. That’s really smart too because no normal school is going to be able to handle them. How could they? It’s not like you can tell the school that your children are siphons and that they’re going to be doing magic at school. I think Alaric is perfect for this. As much as we wanted to leave the supernatural behind, he’s right in the middle of it with his girls being witches and the surrogate mother of his girls being a vampire. He had to find a life within the supernatural.

I’m so happy Steroline is going to happen! But does their wedding really have to be a trap for Katherine? Their love story deserves a proper ending. I guess I should just be happy that after everything Caroline and Stefan are getting their happy ending. I just hope Julie Plec doesn’t derail it in the next two episodes. So, I’m still going to be a little nervous about them before the show ends.

Does Kathrine coming back mean we’re going to see Nina Dobrev sooner than the series finale? I would like to see Katherine again before we wrap things up and her in charge of hell should be fun. She was always good at torturing all of them.

One more episode until the series finale and there’s still a death on the way. I think I will be disappointed if the death is Bonnie. That’s too predictable. But then I think about all the possibilities that it could be and I get worried. Maybe I’ll just enjoy the ride. There’s a death coming no matter what.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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