My Top 10 ‘Vampire Diaries’ Episodes

It’s been eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, and we’re about to say goodbye to the characters and stories we’ve loved. There were so many ups and downs and heartache. Some of the most heartbreaking episodes were the best in the series. Before I say goodbye, I went down memory lane, remembering all the episodes I’ve loved the most.

10. We’re Planning a June Wedding, Season 8 Episode 15

I waited so long for Steroline to be together, and even when they got together, they had some troubled times: broke up, got back together, and were torn apart again. It wasn’t an easy road for these two, and I enjoyed every minute of their slow-burning romance. Some could even say their budding romance started when Elena and Stefan were still together. “We’re Planning a June Wedding” has to be one of the top ten episodes of TVD because it showed the fairy tale ending for one of my all-time favorite couples.

9. Home, Season 5 Episode 22 

One of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire series was when Damon couldn’t cross over the vail back to Elena. Delena was finally happily ever after, and now they could never be together again. I was balling my eyes out just as much as Elena in this scene. This scene is the reason “Home” is number nine on my list.

8. Graduation, Season 4 Episode 22 

Season four definitely had it’s rocky moments. When Delena finally got to be together, it was questioned that it was only because she was sired to him that she loved him. I think everyone missed the part where the only way she could be sired to someone is if you loved them in the first place. After everything, Elena was finally able to really tell Damon how she felt. It’s one of the best scenes in the entire series.

7.  Bloodlines, Season 1 Episode 11 

Until episode 11, Elena hated Damon, but in this episode, they bonded, and she even saved his life. I love this episode because it’s the first of many episodes of the Elena and Damon dynamic. Damon would screw up many more times, but this was the start of the epic romance we all loved. Just like Steroline started growing when Stefan and Elena were together, Elena and Damon’s relationship began when she was still with Stefan.

6. Stay, Season 6 Episode 14

Steroline was a very slow burn, so when we finally got the kiss, it was everything and more. It took Caroline’s mom dying to get them to face their feelings, and as we know, it was still a long road for these two.

6B. Let Her Go, Season 6 Episode 15

“Let Her Go” has to be added to this one because Candice King was great in this episode. She was incredibly beautiful, trying to give her mom the perfect send-off before she turned off her humanity. The reality of death for vampires is that it’s too hard to handle, and they turn to the only thing they can, turning off their humanity. Plus, Damon was great in this episode. He had to give the speech he was never able to deliver for his mother.

5. The Departed, Season 3 Episode 22

“The Departed” was a game-changer for TVD in more ways than one. There was a love triangle between Elena, Damon, and Stefan since the beginning, but it wasn’t until she told Damon maybe if I met you first, and then we found out he did meet her first that Delena was a real possibility. It gave hope for the Delena shippers. It also gave Damon the strength he needed to keep fighting and not just let himself die. Another big game-changer was Elena becoming a vampire. It seems clear now that she had to become a vampire for Delena to flourish. Season three opened a lot of doors for relationships and storylines that weren’t touched on before. I also just love this episode because it’s an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

4. The Reckoning, Season 3 Episode 5

I don’t think we really saw the depth of Stefan’s character until he turned off his humanity. One of my favorite scenes of TVD is when Klaus forces him to turn off his humanity. It wasn’t easy. Stefan was fighting with everything he had, but in the end, compulsion proved to be stronger.

3. The Last Dance, Season 2 Episode 18 

Klaus was at his scariest when we hadn’t seen his face yet. We had no idea who this ancient vampire was that was coming for Elena. Bonnie was ready for him, well she thought she was. Klaus is always ten steps ahead, and he was in this episode, but Damon came through with the plan, even if it hurt Elena. I loved how brave Bonnie was to fake her death to keep their upper hand against Klaus. Of course, her doing this made Elena change the plan. I loved the twist that Bonnie and Damon worked together and that she faked her death. That’s what I always loved about this show, the twists.

2. Stand by Me, Season 4 Episode 15

There’s something about grieving episodes that can show the depth of the actors. ‘Stand by Me’ was probably the best episode of the series showing Nina Dobrev’s talent. Elena was in such denial about her brother. Jeremy was her last family member alive, and she lost him too. Once Elena realized he was really gone, she lost it. She couldn’t handle the pain. It was heartbreaking watching her want to burn down all of her memories. So, Damon told her to turn off her humanity. It took away the pain, but it didn’t stop her from burning down the house. It was sad seeing her burn down her past, but it was such a beautiful episode.

1. The Birthday Season 3 Episode 1

I have a feeling I’ll get some people saying “The Birthday” is not the best episode of the series, but it is the episode I’ve watched the most, and it still never gets old. I loved this episode before I even knew that Elena fell in love with Damon when he gave her the necklace back. That made me love this episode even more. I was shipping Delena from season one and as quiet as the moment is, it’s one of the Delena moments that make up their epic love story.

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