‘The Originals’ Review: The Mikaelsons are Back

For the most part, the episode was very slow. It was laying out the land to where all the players are after five years. It took quite a while to really get to the build up. I was wondering if we would get to see the return of the Mikaelsons this episode, we got to see some of them.

Annette Brown/The CW

Freya was the first to be woken up because it was her job to save the rest of them. It took her less than 30 seconds to get right to business. I’ve said it before, she’s like the female version of Klaus. But really, I think she’s better. Klaus will do anything for his family but he’ll also dagger them the moment they don’t agree with him. Freya is different. She’ll do anything to protect her family but she won’t hurt them just because they don’t agree. She really is the big sister. Even though Freya had a lot to do with Davina dying, I still really like her. Not all characters are going to be perfect and I prefer when they are flawed.

I loved when Freya killed the vampire with the snap of her fingers and said: “That’s what happens when people annoy me.” You don’t mess with this Original witch. That was one of the best moments in the premiere. She reminded us just who she is.

Annette Brown/The CW

The other best moment was when Elijah and Hayley were reunited. Of course, he would come to help Hayley the moment he woke up. Not only that, he chivalrously covers her up and Hayley feels him before she even sees him. Then she kissed him. It was everything and more.

Klaus is still Klaus, even while held captive. I think Klaus has a point that it’s more than Rebekah that is keeping him alive. Marcel loves and hates Klaus. Klaus raised him. They may not be blood but they are family. Over the seasons of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, siblings have wanted to kill each other countless times but they could never go through with it. That’s where Marcel is at. He can give any excuse he likes but at the end of the day, Klaus is the man who raised him. How do you kill the person who raised you?

We still have to rescue Klaus and there’s a new enemy on the horizon. The first episode may have been slow but now that we have the Mikaelsons back, we can get to it.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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