MTV Tentatively Set to Reboot ‘Scream’ for Season 3

I’m still in shock after reading MTV plans on having new characters and a whole new storyline for season three of Scream. I love the characters and there’s still a little more of the story to tell. MTV could easily pull six more episodes out of the current story and finish it up right. MTV ordered six episodes for season three and it appeared to me like this could be the wrapping up of the story, so why change it up?

According to Deadline, the plan is tentative, so I could be worrying for nothing. As you may have heard, the MTV president stepped down back in October. The new president remains committed to the series. You never know what to expect when there are changes at the top.

Deadline also reported that season two of Scream‘s ratings were half the size of season one. That could easily explain trying something radical to up the raitings but season two was so good. The characters got even stronger. It’s a shame that the ratings didn’t refelct how good the show was.

If Scream was created as an anthology show, I could see changing the characters and storyline but it’s not. It’s a reboot of the classic horror. Is it right to reboot a reboot? I think they should just wrap up the story right with the same characters.

The hard part about shows that just air in the summer is keeping viewers coming back. It’s a year before the show returns, people forget. You have to really remind them when the show is returning to make sure fans come back. Maybe even do a marathon of the show before the premiere to catch people up.

Maybe the problem isn’t the story or characters, but the publicity surounding the show.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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