‘Riverdale’ Review: The Secrets are Starting to Unravel

The secrets and lies just keep piling up in Riverdale. We’re starting to see everyone’s true colors but the residents of Riverdale are none the wiser. This episode revealed a lot and we still don’t even have all the answers.

Dean Buscher/The CW

I wanted to believe Jughead’s dad more for his sake than actually believing he was innocent. Things are pretty much at rock bottom for Jughead’s family, I didn’t want it to get any worse for him. We knew Jones knew more than he was letting on, seeing as Jason’s letterman jacket was in his closet. I couldn’t believe how wrapped up he is in the whole thing. What did they do to Jason or what do they know about Jason’s death? I think it’s too soon to say that they actually killed him because that would be too obvious but they know more than they’re letting on.

I don’t trust that Jones has genuine reasons for helping out Fred. There’s more to the story and he kind of enjoyed telling Hermione that her husband was the one behind the attack on Fred’s construction site. Who did tell Hermione’s husband that she sold the land to Fred and that she’s having a little fling with him? Just as we’re getting some of our questions answered, more are being formed. Hopefully, for now, Fred can get back to work but I’m going to be waiting for that other shoe to drop.

Dean Buscher/The CW

I definitely don’t trust the Blossom’s and I can’t believe that Polly is. Maybe she thinks there’s a better future for her baby if she lives with them but they still can’t be trusted. What will they do after the baby is born? Can they really be trusted to let her be a part of the kid’s life? After Alice kicked out her husband, I would say it was safe to go home.

I was very shocked by Alice. She really came through in the end. After everything, I didn’t think she could really be there for Polly but she was, she really was. Polly should have gone home. Her mom was finally stepping up. I hope she holds her ground and no matter what happens with Polly, stands by her.

To top everything off, Kevin’s boyfriend is playing him. Kevin is so sweet. I hate that he’s being played like that.

I really like how many secrets there are in this town and I’m enjoying seeing them unravel. What will we find out next?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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