‘The Originals’ Review: Family Sticks Together

Last season every single Original was threatened, this year, it’s Hope. The Mikaelsons can’t get to safety.  They keep having to come together to save each other. Luckily, this time with Hope being a target, Marcel is willing to help. He could never let a child die, even of his greatest enemy.

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We knew this new power was connected to Hope somehow but we didn’t know how. She was targeted. It does beg the question, a sacrifice like that, what will they get in return? Hopefully, we will never find out, at least not in reality.

Vincent has been a very interesting character and he just got more interesting. He has a darkness in him and it was all because he wanted to protect his wife and unborn child. Our choices really do define us. This choice was deadly and could prove to be more deadly.  I know Freya is staying back to make the antidote but she should go with them. Vincent is a good guy but he’s messed with some pretty dark magic that is trying to get a hold of him again. If it does, no one will be safe. Freya would be the only one to fight him.

The antidote isn’t the only reason she’s staying behind. She wants to kill Marcel. I completely understand the want to kill the one person that is the biggest threat to your family but I don’t want Marcel dead. This is what I love about The Originals. A lot of the times there is no true distinctions of villains and heroes. Marcel and Klaus fall into both of those categories. As an observer, you may not be taking sides. Why should we? They are both such good characters. They both will do whatever it takes to keep their family safe. Marcel was raised by Klaus, so no surprise that he’s a lot like him. I loved when Vincent said Hope is practically his sister. Which is very true. No matter how much he hates Klaus and the Mikaelsons, they were his family, which is why it hurts even more. But Hope has nothing to do with that grudge. I’m glad Marcel is willing to help.

This was a pretty calm episode, in the beginning. The Mikaelsons were reunited and deciding what they would do next. I’m happy Rebekah and Kol are sticking together. It will be nice for her to be watching over a different brother for a change and have some fun. I just hope she finds time for herself along the way. She’s still searching for that true love. I hope she finds it one day. Who knows, maybe that true love could still be Marcel. Time heals everything and as vampires, they have nothing but time.

Finally, Elijah and Hayley are going to give it a go. We’ve waited so long for this. Five years didn’t change much between these two.

It was beautiful watching Klaus and Hope. They bonded pretty quickly after they painted together. And now she will get to see exactly what it means to be a Mikaelson. It means your family will go to the ends of the earth to save you.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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