‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: The #PLLEndGame has Begun

The beginning of the end is here and A.D. has a big finale planned. There’s a reason why there’s a “PLL End Game” hashtag and that’s because A.D. has an endgame. After everything all the As have put the liars through, I can’t even imagine how it’s all going to end.

It never ends well when ‘A’ sends the liars a present with a game to play and this time A.D. has sent them a board game. It’s probably the coolest board game I’ve ever seen, even if it is also the scariest board game I’ve ever seen.

When Spener had to pick truth or dare, I immediately thought, pick truth because how bad are any of their secrets at this point? I was so happy that she picked dare when I found out her dare was to see Toby. I was waiting for a Spoby reunion and A.D. delivered it to us. I just hate that if Toby ever finds out that Spencer only came to see him because of A.D., he would be hurt.

That wasn’t a bad dare and her reward was a letter from her biological mother. Although, we know how ‘A’ toyed with Toby with what happened to his mother, so this can’t end well.

This episode didn’t really have too much with A.D., this was more about the liars’ lives. Hanna is trying to start her own company and Mona is helping out. I love that these two besties are on good terms but why does everyone have to expect the worst from Mona? She was just trying to help and she did. Can we forgive Mona for all she did by now? The liars are probably going to need her to defeat A.D.

Spencer confronted her mother about Mary. I believed Mary but it was still heartbreaking that Spence had to go through this. She deserves so much better. I’m never going to be able to look at Mr. Hastings the same again. Guys can be bad but really, he had to have two kids each to a different twin. I understand Veronica keeping Spencer but I don’t know how she ever forgave her husband. He needed to be kicked to the curb at that point.

There was a brief moment when I thought Ezria was safe but we still have to be worried. Ezria has to be endgame even if we have to be put through turmoil. I understand that Ezra has to be there for Nicole. He’s a good guy but I just want Aria and Ezra to live happily ever after.

It looks like Haleb will get their happily ever after but then again, we still have nine episodes left. More than enough time for I. Marlene King to pull at our heart strings for all the couples.

I’m not an Emison fan but that’s really up in the air too. I have to give Ali the benefit of the doubt because she is hormonal right now but Emily deserves better. Ali shouldn’t only kiss her because she doesn’t want her with someone else. Emily deserves that epic love just like her friends and she’s never really got that through the series. I loved her and Paige but it wasn’t like Ezria, Haleb or Spoby.

The last 10 episodes have just started and I have no idea where it will all end. After everything the liars have been through, I’m sure A.D.’s endgame is deadly.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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