‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: The Liars Have Reverted to their High School Selves

A.D. is playing games with them just like A did in high school. It’s making the liars act just like they did in high school. This episode felt like we went back to high school. A.D. is certainly having fun with his/her dolls.

I can’t believe A.D. pushed Emily to the point of blackmailing and confronting a student. Em is so much better than that. All of the As have brought out the worst in each and every one of them.

The biggest question in Emily’s storyline, is Addison working for Jenna and/or A.D.? It seems like she could be but just because she received a text after Jenna sent a text, doesn’t mean she’s wrapped up in all of this. She could just be a mini Ali and has fun doing stuff like this. Addison saw a love triangle with Paige, Emily and Ali, and decided to have some fun. It could really be as simple as that.

I hate this love triangle. I loved Paige and Em but I’m really not liking them right now. I’ve never liked Emison. Ali is always using Emily. It’s not fair to Em. She deserves so much better. I would say Paige but their chemistry is just not meshing right now.

I can’t imagine trying to launch a business while A.D. is playing with you. It’s got Hanna really stung out. It doesn’t help that the dress that her ‘It’ girl wants to wear is the one that her old boss helped her create. Then Jenna happens to be wearing the same dress. It’s a total A move. Then once again Han is trapped in a cage. Enough already. She doesn’t need to be locked in a cage anymore. How is she ever going to recover from all of this?

Aria and Spencer were the only two that didn’t deal with A.D. drama this week. They had enough drama of their own to deal with. Ezra is looking pretty cozy with Nicole. It makes me very nervous about Ezria. We still have eight episodes left, so there could still be a happy ending.

Spencer is still trying to come to terms with Mary being her biological mother and she’s lashing out at her mother. Not that I can blame her for reacting like this. She also lashed out at Jenna too. Not that Jenna didn’t have it coming. Jenna is always twisting the truth and now she really is working for A, well A.D. And Jenna must know who A.D. is now. In some ways, I’m not in a rush to find out because that means it’s over but I have no idea who this person is that is torturing the liars.

No big reveals here. Just A.D. playing with his/her dolls.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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