‘Riverdale’ Review: Friendship or Betrayal?

The twists just keep coming and apparently quirky little towns like Stars Hollow are out and murderous and secretive towns like Rosewood and Riverdale are in now. Both are fun but there are certainly more surprises in the latter.

Katie Yu/The CW

I don’t know if FP actually killed Jason but I am convinced that he had something to do with it. The question is what exact role did he play and why did someone plant the gun in his home? If he’s really guilty, we should be able to figure that out for a matter of fact eventually. So, why frame him? There are just so many layers to this mystery.

I also believe Veronica’s dad has something to do with it and I’m so proud of how clear headed she’s taken it all. She’ll walk away from her dad if she finds out he definitely was involved. It’s sad that it will take that for Hermione to walk away. They should walk away now. Veronica only testified for her mom, she’s ready to walk away. We all make mistakes but his mistakes have hurt a lot of families and he deserves what he got.

Katie Yu/The CW

I feel the worst for Jughead right now. He was so excited about his father. Even though his father is being framed, he’s not the good father he thinks he is. He needs to stay at the Andrew’s house. I’m guessing that won’t happen.

Archie only went behind his back for him. He wanted to protect his best friends from getting hurt again. I understand how Jughead feels but really his friends cared so deeply for him that they wanted to find out the truth.

Katie Yu/The CW

I hated when Jughead thought Betty was in on it too. I wish he would trust her enough to know that she wasn’t but I can see how it looked. And maybe she should have said something when she had a feeling her mother was up to something but why ruin the night? I don’t believe it’s a lie if you wait to tell the person something at the right time but it depends on what that thing is.

The secrets and lies just kept coming. Mrs. Andrews only came home to take Archie away from Fred. Okay, that sounds a bit harsh. She is doing it to protect him but still. Fred stayed and she left. Fred doesn’t deserve this. Plus, she kind of acted like she wanted to give it another go when really she was keeping it nice until she could take Archie with her. I didn’t trust her and had a bad feeling about her. We also should have known she had that in her when she asked Hermione to join them to the dance.

These mothers (and parents in general) are more scandalous than their children. The kids fell very, very far from the tree. Fred is the only good parent of all of them. Hermione has her moments too.

Each week this is getting more and more intense and we finally have someone arrested for the murder. So, what’s next?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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