Check Out Lucy Hale in the ‘Life Sentence’ Trailer

Pretty Little Liars may be coming to end but we won’t have to wait long to see Lucy Hale in a new show. She’s moving to the CW midseason next year for Life Sentence. She’ll be playing a very different character to Aria Montgomery. She’ll be playing Stella, a young woman you thought she was dying of cancer for the last eight years and now she’s been cured.

That should be a dream come true, right? She’s been living every day like it will be her last and now she has a future and has no idea what to do with that future. She’s also finding out she doesn’t know her family at all. They’ve been so busy trying to make her happy and get her through the cancer that they’ve been hiding things about themselves from her. Now she gets to learn who her family really is and also who her husband really is.

This dramedy looks like a lot of fun. We did see some comedy come out in Lucy in PLL, though, it was dark humor, given the circumstances. It looks like there could be more of that from this preview.

It will be a little strange not seeing Lucy as Aria but I’m excited to meet her new character and get to know this character just as well as I know Aria. I just wish we didn’t have to wait until midseason to meet Stella.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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