‘Teen Wolf’: The Trailer for the ‘Final Fight’ is Here

It’s no secret that I’ve been waiting very impatiently for the last ten episodes of Teen Wolf. And even more impatiently for them to announce a premiere date. Well, we have the date and now we have a trailer. We’re about to go on a dark ride all the way to the end.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind was if Dylan O’Brien would be in the finale episodes. It’s unclear how many episodes he’ll be in but he’s definitely going to help in this final fight. I just hope he brings his bat. Stiles drives up in his jeep like he’s swooping in at the last moment, so we might not get our Stiles for the entire time but at least he’s there. Plus, Tyler Hoechlin is back and it looks like Derek will be very much in on the fight. 

The last episode looks darker than anything we’ve seen from this series before and it looks like it will be a never ending battle to the end. The war has begun and the pack has to figure out how to stop it.

Could it be that Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) is the final big bad? It sounds like him when he says, “The best way to build an army is through fear.” He always hated the supernatural and never understood that they’re not all evil. It kind of makes sense that he’s trying to eliminate all supernatural creatures by making humans deathly afraid of them. 

It also sounds like Gerard when he says to the pack, “Welcome back. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.” I love this line because it’s like he’s talking to us too. We will be feeling nostalgic going into the final episode thinking about all the episodes that came before.

Could it be that there is more than one big bad or that somehow the two are intertwined? At the beginning of the promo, Lydia (Holland Roden) says that they opened a door to another world and let something out. Whatever this evil is, it’s very dark but I love that Lydia seems to be getting stronger. She’s clearly going to be featured a lot even if Stiles isn’t. Not sure what that means for our Stydia but even if they aren’t together at first, doesn’t mean by the end they can’t live happily ever after. If there is a happily ever after. 

Linden Ashby teased many deaths. It’s pretty unclear which characters won’t make it out alive but there is one frame that looks like Lydia could be laying in the morgue! That’s a pretty terrifying tease. The writers are keeping us on our toes and are about to scare us as mush as they can. The tagline, after all, is “THE FINAL FIGHT. BE AFRAID.” I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are going to be very afraid. 

Check out the trailer and tell me what key things you see for the final episodes, what you’re most looking forward to and what makes you the most afraid.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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