Teen Wolf: We Can Thank Colton Haynes for Tyler Hoechlin’s Return

You can thank Colton Haynes for getting Tyler Hoechlin to return for the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf! The show couldn’t end without Jackson and Derek according to Colton, and we couldn’t agree more. 

When Jeff Davis asked Colton to return to Teen Wolf it wasn’t a done deal right away. That’s what the actor told me at San Diego Comic-Con. He was under contract for another show but if he could get them to agree to him coming back to Teen Wolf, Colton then said he wouldn’t come back unless Tyler did. He wanted the whole family back together.

“I sent them this sad ridicules, I had like two glasses of wine, really, really sad text: ‘we’re all a family. You can’t let the show go off without us. Hoechlin was like a grumpy cat, blah, blah, whatever, so I called his agent and I made him do it,” Colton said. 

So, when we’re watching the final episodes and enjoying our Derek scenes, we must remember who to thank. Not only do we get Colton back, we get Derek back, it doesn’t get much better than this.

He couldn’t tell us much at the round table. He was prepped for it and was told the only thing he could tell us was that they end up happy. He joked saying he didn’t know how he was going to this but said he would wing it.

There’s speculation about Jackson and Ethan being a couple or something happening with them in the final episodes with the way Ethan looks at Jackson in the latest promo. His response to that: “I can just say that I’m everyone’s type, I guess.”

Colton really wanted to tell us more. He was also afraid he was telling us too much. He looked around for Jeff and when he found him, he told him we were trying to get him to tell us more and he wanted to, Jeff and the publicists shut that down quickly.

He might not have been able to tell us much but he did tell us about some behind the scenes fun.

Apparently, Colton’s first day back on set Holland Roden was throwing up in a trash can in the makeup trailer. He called this “classic Holland.” According to him, she puts herself into situations where she’s just going to be doomed. She can be traveling the night before and jet-lagged, for example. Poor Holland, Colton was making fun of her the entire day because apparently, it’s his favorite thing to do because he loves her to death. 

Holland isn’t the only one he has fun with on set.

“I got to work with Charlie Carver a lot and that was the best disaster ever because we could not finish,” he said. “We didn’t finish one of the scenes until the next day becasue we couldn’t stop laughing.” 

Sounds like there’s a lot of great stuff to see from Colton in the final episodes. Tune in on Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c pm on MTV.

Check out my full interview with Colton:

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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