Tribeca TV Festival: Your Fave ‘Ships of ‘Gotham’ Are in for a Tough Season

Season four of Gotham may have started out not looking too much different from the other seasons but there are some changes coming and some exciting development with our favorite relationships. I spoke to Robin Lord Taylor, Ben McKenzie, Jessica Lucas and Erin Richards on the red carpet at the Tribeca TV Festival. 

“It’s never over in Gotham City,” Robin said. For all of you that want more of the Oswald and Ed relationship, there’s still more to come. 

“They’re always going to be nemeses or friends,” Robin added. ” There’s no in-between with the two of them.”

After everything that happened between them, Robin said they have changed. They are also going to learn something about one another because of those changes. These two are very much still part of each other’s lives and we aren’t done exploring their relationship yet.

Robin believes that Penguin does care about Gotham City and is trying to legitimize himself in the city.

“Sometimes the most honorable intentions have the most disasters repercussions. Whereas on the flip side, sometimes the most dishonorable intentions can be the best thing for the city,” Robin said.

He said that’s what’s happening this season by Penguin making crime legal through licenses, crime is at a historic low. But he also notes, “That’s inherently tragic. That can’t be happening, that’s allowing criminals to commit crimes and that’s where Ben comes in.”

For all of you that love Jim and Oswald scenes, they will have a new dynamic this season, a power struggle. There’s a lot of scenes with them coming and Robin had a great time filming them.

Ben told me that Oswald and Jim “will really be circling each other this season.” We saw in this first episode of this season that Gordon was trying to one-up Penguin to prove that the GCPD still mattered and that will be very much the theme of the season. Ben said there will be a lot of status changes with one ahead of the other at times.

Ben can’t take Penguin down alone and he turns to Falcone, a Falcone that we haven’t met before.

“That will shine a light on sort of his moral complexity that he lives with when he’s trying to do good but he has to do wrong to do good,” Ben said.

All of this will also test the Harvey and Jim friendship.

“[We’re] going to see a very powerful exploration of them of the two of them at odds,” Ben said,

Tabitha and Barbara will also see their own struggles during this season, especially considering the way they left things last season. Tabitha will end up joining forces with Barbara but only because of a lack of other options.

The Selina and Tabitha relationship is in a much healthy state, though. She’s truly being a mentor to Selina. According to Jessica, this was the plan from the beginning.

“She teaches her a lot about her sexuality and using the whip as a weapon, and her wardrobe is very influenced by Tabitha’s wardrobe. That was always the plan,” Jessica said.

While Tabitha’s character may have been planned from the beginning, as we know, Barbara’s character has taken on a life of its own and the character is going through yet another change. Erin said, “She’s a very different character. She has very different hair, a very different look, a very different aura about her. Where she’s more kind of serene, I guess would be the way to describe her. She’s kind of peaceful it’s sort of weird and unsettling because we’re used to her being crazy.”

Make sure to tune in to FOX on Thursday nights at 8pm ET to keep track of all of these relationships. As you can tell from Robin, Ben, Jessica and Erin, there’s a lot of come.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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