‘Arrow’ Review: Speedy Suits Up and a Theroy Reunion

Since the day Thea (Willa Holland) decided she was done being a vigilante, all I’ve wanted was for her to suit up again. I’ve waited for this day to come and I think International

Daniel Power/The CW

Women’s Day was the perfect day. If only we could have brought back Roy (Colton Hayes) sooner to get her to suit up sooner. And we also got Roy and Thea reuniting. What more can you want from an episode? An Olicity scene, well, we got that too.

It wasn’t all fun. First, Siren (Katie Cassidy) decided to be Laurel back from the dead. Then she acted like she was on their side when really she’d just become Diaz’s (Kirk Acevedo) mole. He’s really a devious man. I never thought much of him when he was working with Caden. He played his game

Daniel Power/The CW

very well and now he has the upper hand. I never expected to get him this episode. It’s better that they saved Roy. They can get Diaz another day. Not that it’s going to be easy. He’s worked his way into the SCPD. Why are the cops in Star City so easy to corrupt? I did like that this got Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) working together. They all need to get back on the same side and this is a good way to help them do that.

In the last few episodes, John (David Ramsey) has really been honing in on when he’ll get the hood back. First of all, I never want Oliver (Stephen Amell) to give up being Green Arrow ever again. It’s not Arrow if Oliver is not the Green Arrow. Oliver keeps avoiding the question. I don’t know what the writers are planning but somehow they just have to make Ollie be the permanent Green Arrow and be done with it. Who really liked John being the Green Arrow? He’s Spartan. That’s who he is.


Mandy Carr

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